The very gorgeous engagement session of the equally gorgeous Abby & Erik was just sent over by their photographer friend Mary Wyar. She had the pleasure of hanging out the back of her car to get the ‘riding the scooter’ shots as well as the much less strenuous task of shooting the pierced and tattooed couple having a Rock n Roll picnic (complete with pink flamingos of course) and hanging out with their dog, Sweetpea.

How could anyone not love this trio?

Thanks to  Mary for sending these over. I love.

Credit: Mary Wyar Photography


  1. Loved this shoot! You really get the personality of the couple in every single image. The picture of the dog at the end killed me. It’s so precious, Great photos!

  2. Elizabeth

    They are by far the sweetest couple I have ever seen! Loved these pictures, so sweet and intimate!


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