November Rain – Guns n Roses Themed Wedding

Meredith & Eric’s wedding was based around their all time favourite band – Gun n Roses baby! Meredith wore a dress designed by the same designer behind the wedding dress in the November Rain video. It is imperative they you listen to this song as you view these fabulous images (and excuse me, but did anyone else forget how awesome this song is…and don’t even get me started on the hair – I love it!)

To top it all off, the couple actually got their wedding for free…yes free! Check out the full story from the News 9 news report and the full list of vendors who donated their services for nothing on photographer Brandi’s blog.

meredith and eric gallery172

Thanks to Brandi for sharing these with us

Credit: Brandi Traina Photography


  1. oooh yeah!!! I was just this afternoon considering walking to my own wedding to that track, might have sealed the deal! what a gorgeous couple and incredible dress. Beautiful photos too xxxxx

  2. i’ve thought that this would make an amazing theme for years, finally someone has done it. wedding looks fabulous. congatulations guys, on your wedding and your great taste!

  3. Danielle

    OMG! I’ve been looking for that dress for my vow renewal in 2011! Is it from Carmela Sutera (who did the dress for the video) or did you have it remade? I would love more information on how to get this myself!

  4. Bride in the pics!

    Dainelle: JJ Kelly in OKC had the dress donated! It was to die for! Thanks for the great comments everyone!!!xxx

  5. Wow, that is fantastic! Great to see the groom in a Slash-style top hat too. Where was his Les Paul though? Right, often to listen to November Rain immediately!

  6. Farrah

    I know the dress was donated? However… who donated it? That is my dream dress and I am looking to purchase one just like it for my “rock n roll wedding.”

  7. sherrie wood

    I have been searching for this dress By Carmela Sutera or a sewing pattern & seamstress to make the NOVEMBER RAIN wedding dress. Even a knockoff would be great. Can anyone help this bride to be locate the replica gown? THANKS IN ADVANCE!

  8. Jacqueline Sawyer

    I also am looking for this dress for my guns n roses inspired wedding! Where can I get it… or have it made?? I need this dress!!! Help…


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