All Because of Rock n Roll

Bonnie & Rod’s 195os inspired wedding was held at Malcolm’s Of Maleny in Queensland, Australia. When I asked photographer Julian what made this pair rock n roll, he had the perfect answer for me…

“Bonnie was born and raised in Australia and in short, is a singer. Rod was born and raised in Mississippi and had never been to Australia before — They met over the Internet through each other’s music, Rod being a Guitarist in a band without a singer. Bonnie was asked by Rod to record a singing part to a piece he had recorded. And the rest, as they say, is history. He flew over and met her, they dated and then, obviously, married. All because of Rock And Roll, literally.”


Thanks to Julian for sharing this fabulous wedding with us. I am freaking out over these cloudy sky/sunset images…I need to visit Australia!

Credit: Karizmatik Photography


  1. Wow, this wedding was made for you, Kat! Beautiful photography and what a fantastic story. I love that you are Queen of the Internet. Qudos!

  2. Alice

    Wow this photographer is absolutely amazing, the way he captures the moment is spectacular. The bride is absolutely gorgeous her dress is so simple and chic. Love love love.

  3. LadyLucy

    Just wanted to say it hasn’t been Malcolm’s of Maleny for quite some time… considerable actually.. it’s now ‘On Mountain View’ and is where I’m getting married!!

    Gorgeous pics.


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