Retro Rockabilly Bridals

These rockin’ bridals were shot in downtown Freeport, TX in a part of town that is practically deserted – very sad but really made for some pretty rad results.  For their wedding, the couple are going for a retro rockabilly feel complete with pink wing tips for the bride.  Forget any of the usual traditions, this pair each had a custom skateboard made to commemorate their big day which will be happening in February!


Thanks to Jenny for sharing and I hope she will be sending me their wedding images soon!

Credit: J Hintze Photography


  1. cupcakesforbreakfast

    I’m in love with this dress! And I love how it matches the sparkly earrings, but still manages to look super classy.

  2. Evie

    I love love love this dress! And I have been hating all the dresses people have sent my way. I’ve been looking for a white dress with blue accents much like this one – any hints where a gal can find one?

  3. i’m not sure hun that info wasnt given to me…how about you drop the photographer an email and see if they know/can find out?


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