On the Southbank

I was lucky enough to feature photographer Jodie Chapman in my Under the Spotlight series this week…and now I’m lucky enough to be the blog that she selected to showcase her newest engagement shoot which took place on the Southbank of the River Thames in London. Jodie knew this shoot would be perfect for Rock n Roll Bride and that I’d go crazy for the old books, the London Underground map, the old telephone boxes (does anyone use telephone boxes anymore?!) and the London buses, as well as the various quintessentially London locations such as The Tate Modern (which, even though it’s quite¬†a horrific¬†ugly building, she still made look awesome!)


Thanks to Jodie for sharing these with us

Credit: Jodie Chapman Photographer


  1. This shoot is so really lovely! That book stall brings back so many good memories! I love is when images do that. Awesome find!

  2. I absolutely love the shutter drag: it always makes me feel like a moment is frozen whilst the rest of the world keep going. Beautiful Jodie, I love them!

  3. Sarah

    They are incredible! The bride, groom and photographer have incredible taste. Thank you for sharing them!


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