Rubbered & Brightly Coloured

November 27, 2009

Please forgive me procrastination as I bring to you this random but overtly lovely post all about my favourite prop – the humble balloon! I should be doing some proper writing right now (deadline booo!) but I got all distracted by all this rubbered and brightly coloured goodness whilst on my internet travels today.

Credit: Beth Retro

2678580396_de9946e699Credit: Li.!

Credit: The Lost Balloons

Credit: Beverley Jones

pillowCredit: Pillowcasez

gemCredit: Kaboomish Gem

Kilian-BernardCredit: Kilian-Bernard

Credit: Golf Punk Girl

wallflowerCredit: Wallflower

ffannyyCredit:: ffaannyy

jamesCredit: James Heaslip

I guess apart from all the prettiness I wanted to show how much variety there is in this darling little prop. I hope I have inspired you for your next balloon based photo shoot. Balloons been done? Pah! There’s way more life in these little treasures yet…

So..tell me, what are your favourite balloon pictures you’ve seen recently?