Soft Hues

Don’t judge me ok? I should be in bed (for those of your following me on Twitter you will have no doubt seen the regular updates about my flu!) but I have a compulsion to blog that can not be stopped…

Lisa Rigby shot this outdoor wedding last week and I can’t get enough of the lovely pastel shades. I’m not normally one for subtlety (hello? my hair is pink) but the soft hues of her blue Stephanie James Couture dress coupled with her stunning bouquet and birdcage veil are undeniably gorgeous. The wedding ceremony actually took place at Mount Auburn Cemetery.

Credit: Lisa Rigby Photography


  1. That’s my photographer! Squee! I can’t wait till she gets a hold of us for our engagement photo session tomorrow! =)

  2. Post author

    I know in your own very special way that is the best compliement you will ever give me mr railton – that i am not a loser!!


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