1. Ciara

    They are amazing artists, we had so much fun work’n with them and the wedding was a blast….


  2. This video was amazing! I loved every minute of it. There were so many details in it that were just perfect. Until I saw this video, I never understood why I should have a videographer at my wedding. I have seen so many boring wedding videos. Now, its something to consider when the time comes!

    I love your site. It’s fab. So much better then any other wedding picture website I have come across. I’m a photographer and I LOVE looking at pictures, especially wedding pictures. Now, I can’t wait to get engaged/married so I can send you my photos (there will be tons by a very talented photographer)!

    Keep Up the Good Work!

  3. Vana

    Ha this is cute, I knoe it’s tragic to admit but I really like that song (oh the shame!)


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