A Colourful Mess

July 14, 2009

I’d just like to start by saying those were the Bride’s words not mine but I like it so I stole it. They started off with wanting a 1920’s theme but once they fell in love with their bright Bridesmaid dressed they knew that was out the window. The theme then morphed to ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ but ended up as ‘whatever the hell was want!’ I like that theme..screw being constrained by any kinda rules!

A few more awesome tips and ideas from the couple…
We made all our paper stuffs – the invitations, programs, placecards, table numbers and photocards. We did everything on a modest budget and still got stuff we wanted. I love my dress – I found it on sale, in perfect condition. Joe picked out his tux on his own and we found a matching fedora for the reception. Our cake topper was custom made to look just like is by Naked Peggies on Etsy. We also picked very random songs to play during the reception. Hardly anyone knew what they were, but we loved them. It kept us dancing the whole night!

And possibly my favourite fact about this wedding…
Did I mention that although we were engaged for over a year, everything changed about 6 weeks out, so we did pretty much everything in a very short period of time? No, well, we did! We were really go-with-the-flow, whatever happens, happens and we didn’t really care about a lot of the details.We didn’t do centerpieces, we had chocolate suckers as favors, and we really didn’t care what anyone wore. It was a very low-key crazy-colorfest!

Methinks we can all learn a lot from this crazy couple..I totally heart them. Thanks Susan & Joe for not only sharing, but proving that stressing about having the ‘perfect’ wedding just doesn’t matter!

Credit: Katie Halton Photography