I Am Smitten.

Angelica Glass is one of those photographers that I wish I’d known about when we were planning our own wedding! Her style is so fresh and modern and she always makes her subjects look so flawless and model-like. Her attention to detail is beyond fabulous, there is something about the way she shoots these extreme close ups that just make everything pop!

Well this post has turned into a bit of an Angelica love-fest right? What I was meaning to do was to share this new gorgeous wedding with you…the details from those sparkly blue Christian Louboutin shoes to the custom invitations, from the unique flowers to the Monique Lhuillier wearing Bride’s awesome tattoos – everything is totally rock n roll fabulous, and the couple most definitely could be rock stars themselves!

Oh… and the cake, and the Bridesmaid dresses, and the moustaches, and the Polaroid photo booth, and the fact the Bride is quite literally model-perfect…

Smitten doesn’t even cover it.

Credit: Angelica Glass


  1. Post author

    i just realised i went totally overboard with the amount of photographs i posted..oh well! they were all too amazing to not post them!

  2. Rachael Urquhart

    I’m glad you did post them!!.. They’re fantastic these are. What a lovely couple also!!..

  3. sara

    omg i love it! but are you sure this bride really isnt a model? because she sure does look like one!

  4. Hey. I love your blog, and want you to be able to stay on the up-and-up. Angelica Glass has posted on HER blog a notice to “please not repost this wedding”. I don’t want you to get in trouble, because I want you to keep being able to show us amazing stuff… but it’s probably best to take this post down.

  5. Post author

    Hi Chelsea
    I am a very lucky blogger and Angelica has given me special permission to feature this wedding, but thank you! I told her to put that on the post actually as she doesn’t want it blogged everywhere..

  6. Post author

    Hi Chelsea
    I am a very lucky blogger and Angelica has given me special permission to feature this wedding, but thank you!

  7. I came here to tell you about Angelica’s post warning too, but I should have known you had it covered! I don’t know why she wouldn’t want it featured elsewhere, though – if it’s credited to her it can only be good for her! That’s IF they credit it to her, I guess.

  8. Post author

    Bless you all! I feel very lucky that she let me share it, the reason she doesnt want it featured everywhere is because she’s submitting it to magazines for publishing

  9. I love these two. I have looked at these photos every day since you posted them. I wish I could just be these pictures.


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