Groom Style – Brent

I love receiving emails from you, especially if they’re to share you’re own excellent weddings.  What makes this wedding extra special is that it was sent to me by the Groom! Oh yes, boys read Rock ‘n Roll Bride too!

Now come on, how much style has Brent got!?  Loving the suit dude, you and your boys looks awesome – like an actual rock band!  These shots are so fun, I wish I was at this wedding!
Don’t worry, I’m not completely ignoring the Bride, Lauren in this post – the group shots are all so fun and silly looking!  One of the things that put us off having lots of posed shots on our wedding was we didn’t want the same boring photographs that everyone ends up with…however after seeing these I wish we’d done some like this – they’re hilarious!

There are just so many things I love from this set – the sunglasses, the moody sky, the dead tree, the wedding ducks…thank you so much for sending these my way Brent – you have made my day! You look like you had a total blast! You are both absolutely stunning and you and given me some serious wedding envy!

Credit: Alex M.


  1. ohhhhh lordy …. those suits are totally legit! Where on earth did you score those? I showed these pics to my fiance and he went ga-ga over them.

  2. Post author

    Tiff, these suits are Calvin Klein Legend or Legend 2 in grey. Brent got them from a local tux place in Texas but I’m sure you could get them some where near you. I hope this helps your search :o)

  3. Just wanted to say, I bookmarked these pictures back in March and come back to them every so often. While the groom’s style is rockin’, is actually the bride that inspires me. I’m very self conscious about how I look in my wedding dress and think I have a similar body type to this bride – and she is just confident and radiant as all get out. I hope to be like her on my wedding day.


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