These just landed in my inbox (boy, my poor email account has been on overdrive today!) and despite my repeated promises to blog less and think more..I can’t, I just can’t.  Hello my name is Kat and I have a blogging addiction.

Shot by Utah photographer Kayleen T, these fierce images show this Bride at her sexiest – hot red shoes, that brilliant ‘reflection in the puddle thing’ and the amazing turquoise wall –  just fabulous!
Thanks for sending these my way Kayleen, keep up the rockin’ work!

Credit: Kayleen T


  1. Um, can I say that I like your blogging addiction? Hmm, perhaps I’m addicted to your addiction? Really, though, I *love* all my mini-breaks throughout my workday (I’m pretty much tied to a computer almost 10 hours a day) to see what goodies + lovelies you have posted — can I support a return to your addiction…?

  2. Post author

    Hell yeah..I love a bit of co-dependancy…let’s be addicted together. Thanks for the support..I will keep a-posting then!


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