I am super excited to be the first ever wedding blog to feature the work of Encarnacion Photography!  Joannathan (i.e. Joanne & Jonathan) a husband and wife team, sent me this wedding, knowing full well I wouldn’t be able to restrain myself (in a purely blogging fashion you understand!)

A Groom in vans – rockin’ it with his boys,  a Bride with awesome tattoos and a wedding that looks liked such fun it makes me wish I was there – how could I possibly resist!?
I am also a little bit in love with the Bridesmaid dresses from Bay Area Bridal.

Thanks so much for sending these my way Joannathan – I look forward to seeing much more of your stuff!

For more from this wedding, head over here for their slideshow

Credit: Encarnacion Photography


  1. Dylan

    I am honored that our wedding photos made the site. Jonathan and Joanne from Encarnacion Photography are amazing and fun to work with. Everyone I know has commented about how talented the Encarnacion Photography is. They are very energetic and fun to work with and I would recommend them to everyone! My wife also thinks it’s cool that she is now a “Rock n Roll Bride!” Thanks for posting this!

  2. Very lovely work! And we (the future Misses and I) love working with Encarnacion Photography. They are true rock n rollers themselves. Fun to work with and super chill. They’re talented and have an awesome eye. And Dylan, you adn your wife’s style rock. Cheers!


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