Hey, There’s More…

..from the neon sign graveyard!  Is this a new trend I’m missing?  Why are there no neon sign cemeteries in the UK? I feel totally out of the loop…

Edit:  I have managed to find out where these photographs were taken (although I did actually stumble across the info by accident but let’s gloss over that fact!)  They were taken in Las Vegas Boneyard. Hope this helps someone out..and If you do take some photographs there I demand to have exclusive rights to post them hehe!

Credit: Rowe Portrait Studio


  1. Mary

    Um…can someone please tell me where this neon sign graveyard is? Please?!!! Is it in Vegas? I’m going there for a bachelorette party and would love to take some pics with the girls.

  2. Post author

    Tell me about it! Marianne, David showed me your site yesterday. I would love to feature some of your weddings. Drop me an email if you fancy it :o)

  3. Yeah it looks like an awesome place to shoot. Do you have to get permission in advance? Not that I’m planning on going to Vegas anytime soon, but maybe next year if I finally get to go on my route 66 road trip!

  4. Post author

    I have no idea. You could always drop the phootgrapher an email? all his details are on his site or you can contact him via flickr

  5. Post author

    Rosie, I found out where these were taken!
    Las Vegas Boneyard, Nelson (Ghost Town)..I will add this to the post too so everyone can see

  6. If you just Google it, you will find all the information on requesting access. You can go on tours, or request a photo shoot. The fees differ for both.

    You MUST call in advance no matter what tour you are going on.

    The reason there are so many Neon Boneyard photos lately is probably because there was a Wedding Photog Conference in Vegas and they were allowed access to the Boneyard.

    And Kat is wrong, it is not in the ghost town of Nelson. The Boneyard is in Vegas proper, right on the Strip in fact.


  7. Post author

    If you re-read the post you will see i realised my mistake and changed the location to the boneyard.


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