Design & Win Your Wedding Shoes with IF Ladies

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Oh goodness have I got the best contest EVER for you today! The fashion giants that are IF Ladies (the ladies division of Iron Fist Clothing) would like to offer one very lucky Rock n Roll Bride-to-be the prize that might just make her wedding. How would you like to design your own pair of wedding shoes… and then win them to rock on your big day!?

I don’t think I really need to tell you who IF Ladies are. If you’re anything like me you’ve been lusting over their delightfully weird, wonderful and often ghoulish (the zombie stompers are still some of my faves) designs for years. But if for some crazy reason you haven’t yet been blessed with their wonder, have a gander at what they say about themselves…

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“IF is fun, loud and never says ‘I’m sorry’. Colorful and out of control, our prints are known the world over for bold and badass artwork, unique designs and details that rock. Breakneck and bold as hell, IF is full of over-the-top statement pieces ranging from footwear to apparel and accessories. We’ve kicked our fashion forward, giving out style that’s effortless insolence in a mundane world. The IF customer wants to shout out to the non-believers who she is and what she wants to be. She’s the adventure hungry teen climbing over the fence, and the media savvy chick who’s a hit on YouTube. She knows that what she buys makes her own lifestyle awesome, and tells others to do the same. She is authentic and knows what’s not up to par with her lifestyle. She oozes fashion and uniqueness from her pores. She likes what she likes. And she doesn’t give a shit what you think.”

Think that’s you? It’s definitely me, which is why I’m such a megafan!

Design & win!

IF Ladies produce clothing, jewellery, bags and various other accessories but they are best known for their utterly amazing footwear. If you think bridal shoes are boring then think again and be prepared to be proven WRONG! This incredible contest will see one lucky bride-to-be winning a pair of shoes of her own design!

win wedding shoes IF1

To Enter

To enter simply download one of the shoe templates, ‘platform‘ or ‘super platform‘ (or download both), and get down and dirty designing your own shoes. This is your chance to go wild. Be brave. Be extreme. Be unapologetic with your choices. Basically take the very essence of yourself and put it into shoe form.

Think about the most excellent pair of shoes imaginable. The kind of shoes that you might have always wanted to wear but never been able to find. Are they leopard print? Covered in zombies? Ombre? Glitter bows? Rainbow cupcakes? Sequinned skulls? What’s your wedding theme – can that inspire your design?  The only restriction is your imagination!

When your design is complete, simply scan and email it to with the subject header ‘IF Ladies shoe design contest’ and we’ll pick our favourite from the bunch to win! You have one month from today to get those entries in – so until midnight on March 7th – and the winner will be notified by email within two weeks of that date.

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Contest is open to ALL bride-to-be readers of Rock n Roll Bride getting marrie