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Texas Backyard BBQ Meets Carnival-Themed Wedding

Eliot and Liza mashed together inspirations from polar opposite parts of their personalities for the April wedding day; they were Inspired by summer family barbeques, Mardi Gras, over-the-top carnival costumes and The Fort Worth Stock show, amongst other things!

“We wanted our wedding party and every guest to have fun with their own personal style,” Liza told us. “Everyone we know is incredible, so we got a fun mixture of styles and outfits.”

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Kitsch, Colourful & Homespun Mardi Gras Wedding

Colourful, fun and unique, Carrie Ann and Alex’s wedding was one big celebration in the middle of Mardi Gras. They said their vows in a ceremony in the centre of North Rampart Street in New Orleans, followed by a block party, setting up tables and chairs along the pavement for all their guests. Carrie Ann summed it up, “Our wedding was a homespun, insane Mardi Gras miracle!”

With a budget of $3000, there was plenty of opportunity for unique DIY to fit their theme, as Carrie Ann told us, “I made custom magnets and custom condoms as wedding favours. I made the wedding cake, charcuterie and salads and my wedding party helped make the decorations and bouquets. This wedding was a well-budgeted group effort to say the least! I’m a former cook, so cooking half of the wedding menu and baking the wedding cake myself saved so much money.”

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