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Rock n Roll Bride Magazine Issue 14

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rocknrollbride mag issue 14 cover

YAY! That time has come again, the new issue of Rock n Roll Bride magazine is almost upon us. I know I say this every damn time but I can't quite believe we've done 14 whole issues already! How is your collection stacking up?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on our latest cover, photographed by Ed and Aileen Photography. I'm obsessed. As if we weren't already standing out on the shelves when placed next to the picture perfect traditional wedding magazines, we've decided to totally rip the rule book up when it comes to choosing our cover photos too. AND I LOVE IT.

This issue our cover babe is real bride Shelly, who's incredible carnival themed (!) wedding is featured inside. Here's a little sneak peek of that, and some of the other gorgeous, exclusive real weddings we're showcasing this time around.

Rock n Roll Bride Mag_ISSUE_14 (4)Rock n Roll Bride Mag_ISSUE_14 (3)Rock n Roll Bride Mag_ISSUE_14 (7) Rock n Roll Bride Mag_ISSUE_14 (10) Rock n Roll Bride Mag_ISSUE_14 (11)

So. Much. Yes!

But wait, there's more..! Unicorn wedding cake DIY anyone? Thanks to Charlotte of Restoration Cake for this tutorial!

Rock n Roll Bride Mag_ISSUE_14 (15)

We've also got a bridal bouquet tutorial, an article on motherhood and marriage and if you feel like you might be getting cold feet, our resident writer and comedian (seriously, he's so funny!) Alex Smith will soon set you right.

Rock n Roll Bride Mag_ISSUE_14 (14)

The fashion editorial this issue might just be one of my favourites EVER. I've been loving the 'doodle bombing' trend I've been spying all over Pinterest, so we decided to have a crack at creating one ourselves. Our designers Shauna and Samantha did the illustrations for us too - do their talents ever end? Be sure to grab your copy today to see the full, 12 page (!) spread!

Rock n Roll Bride Mag_ISSUE_14 (17)Rock n Roll Bride Mag_ISSUE_14 (18)

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Sorry, this product is now sold out!