Just Engaged? Here’s Your Five-Step Game Plan!

Karissa Russ & Co.

June 5, 2024

As you float back down to earth from proposal cloud nine, it’s probably time to kickstart the wedding planning. While it isn’t always a super fun time (wrangling RSVPs, stressing over the budget, making a million decisions that all seem v. v. v important at this very moment!) we promise, there’s a lot of excitement and joy to be had too (dresses… cakes… flowers!)

Luckily for you, we’ve spent the past 17 years writing about weddings and answering all of the wedding planning questions you could possibly have. Give us a problem, we’ve probably got a solution.

So, let’s get down to businesses and talk about where to begin to ensure you get the wedding of your dreams, but the process is also fun and well executed!

Pop Some Bubbly and Spread the Word

Before you dive into the nitty-gritty, take a moment to soak in the bliss. It’s important to do so and not just surround yourself with checklists and productivity right way! Celebrate with your partner and your loved ones. That might mean a fancy dinner, a big party or just your favourite pizza and some bubbly.

People will probably have a million annoying questions right away that you don’t necessarily know the answers to yet (“When it is happening!?”, “What’s the theme!?”, “Can I bring a plus 1!?” Just hit them up with a “Hey, we just got engaged and don’t know yet, we’ll let you know when we know!”

Talk Money and Guests

Ok, so setting a budget isn’t the most glamorous or sexy part of wedding planning, but it’s very, VERY necessary. Sit down with your partner (and your parents if they’re contributing) and figure out what you’re both comfortable spending. While you’re at it, sketch out a rough guest list. Both steps are mega-helpful to avoid any “oh-no-we-can’t-afford-this” moments down the line.

Lock Down a Date and Venue

The when and where of your wedding are pretty much the backbone of your planning. You can really do anything else until you’ve got these locked down. So, pick a date that holds meaning for you both, or just a season that you love. Then, start scouting venues ASAP, especially if you want to get married over the summer or on a weekend. The best spots get booked fast.

If you are more flexible on your date, or day of the week (Thursday is the new Saturday after all!) then that’s all well and good, but you still need to get your date and venue sorted before you can really do anything else.

Create a Wedding Website

This used to be an optional step, but in 2024 it’s a necessity! Life is busier than ever and from venue details and accommodation options to your gift registry and RSVPs, a solid wedding website keeps everyone in the loop.

Once this is done, you can direct all those people with their annoying questions to your very own digital guest liaison assistant! Look, while you may love talking to everyone and anyone about your wedding plans and what’s going to happen, you might be busy… You know, having a job and planning a wedding.

Book Your Dream Team

With the venue nailed down, it’s time to fill your wedding squad. Photographers, wedding planners caterers, florists, entertainers – these suppliers will turn your wedding vision into reality. Start researching and locking them in early; the best ones tend to book up quickly especially photographers and wedding planners – remember, most of them will only do one wedding per day/ or per weekend. If you want that to be you, hop to it!