A Secret Recording Studio Elopement in Vegas with a $500 Budget

Sean Jorgenson

September 5, 2022

Choosing an elopement followed by a large, classic wedding ensures your vows are only for you. Elaine and Andrew wanted a day to focus on each other, before celebrating with friends and family at a later date.

Opting for a non-traditional venue in true Vegas style, Elaine and Andrew chose Sonic Rodeo, Las Vegas’s newest music mecca, and were the first couple to get married there. With a collection of vintage guitars on the walls and surrounded by music memorabilia, they carefully selected songs to run throughout their ceremony.

Elaine explained, “We made a playlist in the days leading up to the event, a mix of our mutual favourite songs with some sappy love songs. We played it on a speaker during the whole thing, it was one of my favourite parts. I still remember the song that was playing while we said our vows.”

With such secrecy, the couple had fun planning their day without letting on to friends and family. Elaine told us, “No one knew we were doing this – they still don’t really know it happened. We’re dying to share the photos! I’d recommend doing things this way to anyone. We had a day strictly for us, with no one else’s opinions or stress. It was us and it was perfect.” Although she told us the hardest part was, “Trying to plan from afar, everything was a bit of a guess but Berlynn, our wedding planner, had us covered!”

Newly married folks are a common sight strolling around the Vegas strip, and the couple ensured they made the most of their wedding outfits, stopping for coffee before getting their marriage licence. Elaine explained, “We heard it could take a while at the licence bureau, so we headed out all dressed up early. With some time to kill we walked over and had some Starbucks breakfast and coffee together in our wedding clothes. Obviously people in Vegas are very used to seeing a bride and groom, but the staff was so excited for us! It was a weird but sweet little addition to our morning.”

With a tiny $500 budget, the couple focused on the important things, with their biggest expense being the photos. They hired their photographer, Sean, for a couple our hours which made it affordable for them. Elaine explained, “Luckily our photographer worked with us on pricing, because as this is in addition to a large wedding, funds were tight. There’s nothing we would have done differently, we loved it, and I’d advise future couples to just do whatever you need for you to enjoy your wedding. It’s for you two and that’s the most important part.”