Homespun Vintage Inspired Wedding with the Brides in Jeans

Céline Kopp

July 22, 2022

The love of basketball brought Justine and Mathilde together, and following a chilled proposal dancing in their pyjamas, the couple wanted a wedding that reflected their relaxed vibe.

They told us, “We wanted a ‘like at home’ theme with a somewhat vintage spirit, where we would have the impression of inviting our guests to our home.” They had a civil ceremony first, choosing relaxed matching jeans and Converse – and asking everyone else to come in jeans too – saving their dresses and finery for their outdoor ceremony.

For their reception, Justine and Mathilde hunted for décor that would create the perfect atmosphere, to ensure they and their guests felt at home. They explained, “We hunted down lots of old furniture, carpets, lamps etc. We had a very precise idea of ​​what we wanted – Bohemian and mismatched – and everyone helped us get that result! The unity of our day was partly thanks to this mixture of all walks of life coming together as one. We also asked our guests to wear the same colour, which further demonstrates the unity, celebrating our love and the moment when all the people we love were in the same place.”

The couple wanted a ceremony packed with emotion, telling us, “We used instrumental music by the artist RIOPY, and kept the music playing through the vows. We wanted to talk with all our heart – maybe they were too long, but we didn’t care! At that moment, it was just the two of use, crying, loving and talking about what we love about the other and what we promise to each other, for the rest of our lives.”

Using vintage and second hand items also saved the pair money, however they told us, “We wish we’d known that dreams have a price! We did save money on a DJ, as we used a Spotify playlist, and we did some DIY, creating our menu, the table plan and of course, our old and vintage décor. The biggest expense was the caterer, but it’s the part of the wedding celebration that everyone will remember, so worth it!”

Justine and Mathilde told us they didn’t have a favourite part to their day, but that, “Each moment had its dose of emotions, whatever they were! The whole day was one incredible, unforgettable moment.”

However they advised, “Unfortunately time does not slow down, so learn to delegate. There will be things that don’t go to plan, but that’s ok. A to-do list can save a wedding, ask for help and above all, enjoy it – the important thing is the people who share the day with you.”