Witchy Old Hollywood Wedding on Taco ‘Twos-day’

Kylie Farmer Photography

June 13, 2022

Even before they were engaged, Teegan and James had an idea that Tuesday the 22nd February 2022 (22/02/22 or 02/22/2022 for our US friends!) would be a fun date to get married. Teegan explained,

“I saw a post on the internet about how February 22nd falls on a Tuesday in 2022. We weren’t even engaged at that point, but I shared it with James and said “It’s the ultimate ‘twosday’, wouldn’t that be a great date to get married on?” A couple months later, James proposed and we agreed that of course we would be getting married on not only the ultimate twosday, but that it would be the ultimate TACO Twosday and we would serve tacos and share with our guests a tequila toast during the reception!”

Falling in love with the architecture of the Anthony Chapel at Garven Woodland Gardens in Arkansas, the couple designed their day around it. They curated the theme of the wedding around the woods and gardens that surround the chapel. “I wanted a touch of vintage flair” Teegan said, “along with deep, saturated natural tones to complement the beauty of the architecture.” 

The couple wrote secret vows, surprising each other during the ceremony, and exchanged rings. Teegan continued, “Our favourite part of the ceremony was during the ring exchange, where we were able to articulate our philosophy in handling the relationship. Typically we see rings as a beautiful and shiny end product we display for all to see, but no one sees the efforts in the forging and hammering process turning raw metal and mineral into polished product. We are always working and polishing one another, and it’s that effort that makes us shine as a couple.”

Teegan and James found ways to make the day exactly how they wanted it, improvising as they couldn’t find the exact colours they needed for the décor. “I dyed and sewed the fabric napkins used at the reception as well as the cheesecloth table runners because I couldn’t find the right colours. My friends also helped me make metal tea light lanterns into mossy, woodland luminaries. We also applied the decals to the mason jar shot glasses we used for our tequila toast.” 

Teegan even made her own dress, improvising again. She told us, “I had a very specific image in my head of what I wanted my wedding dress to look like but struggled to find the right fabric. Turns out, IKEA drapes have just enough yardage to make a wedding dress out of at a great price! I sewed my wedding dress using a vintage pattern from 1930.” 

The couple had a small, but perfectly formed day, telling us that their favourite moment was their first look outside the chapel. But even with a small day their top advice would be, “Get a coordinator! Even for a small affair, having someone to handle the details and reduce stress is worth every penny.”