Self-Solemnised Elopement in The Colorado Mountains

Jen Dz Photography

April 1, 2022

Jordan and Isaiah wanted an intimate wedding. Having met very young and not realised the crushes that they had on each other for many years, they reunited and fell in love over a decade later. Their elopement was an adventure, with no traditional wedding planning.

They chose to self-solemnise their ceremony too, which means they didn’t have an officiant. This is actually legally recognised in in Colorado too making it the perfect extra-intimate choice!

“We wanted to have time together, just us. We’re from and live in Ohio so we wanted an escape and both have love for the mountains. We had our first look and setup a picnic in the woods with pizza and beer. We then self-solemnised (married without an officiant) in the mountains and hiked to a explore a cave and finished off our day dancing in the rain to our wedding song Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton.”

Wedding photographers are an important choice at every wedding, but elopement photos give an opportunity to be a little more creative, with no pressure from guests or a schedule to stick to. These photos not only capture your memories of the day, but provide your story to share with others. Jordan told us, “Best piece of advice, find a badass photographer that you truly connect with. Connection is key as it brings so much care into the details of planning your elopement/wedding.”

With just the two of them in attendance, along with Jen Dz, their photographer, they created the perfect atmosphere, as Jordan explained, “Our vows were intimate and written the morning of our big day. Honestly, every moment was magical and special. The entire day was an adventure together. One of our favourite moments was hiking down into a cave together (yes, in my bad-ass black dress!) and capturing photos and laughing our asses off just having a blast together.”

They may not have had any guests, but Jordan and Isaiah found a way of still including their closest loved ones in their day. Jordan told us, “I ordered small photo brooches from Amazon and printed photos of our tiny humans and dog and pinned them to my pearl bouquet so they could be a part of our special day since they weren’t physically present.” 

Jordan and Isaiah stuck to their dream, creating a day that was magical for them. They didn’t spend a lot on attire or accessories, but would not have done anything differently, advising, “This day is about you, not anyone else but you. Whatever your dream wedding day is, run right after that. For us it was running away to the mountains together, laughing our asses off and eating pizza. Make your day unforgettable.”