Wifed Up: A Streetwear Style Bridal Shoot

Alexandra Folster

August 27, 2021

Prepare to have your perception of what bridal fashion can be blown wide open! We all know that bringing your own style and personality into your wedding day (and wedding day style) is something we’ve been championing here at Rock n Roll Bride for over a decade, but hand-on-my-heart I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bridal shoot do it quite so well.

“Wifed Up” is a bridal editorial curated by bridal stylist Dara Adams, based in Brooklyn, New York. “As a black woman working in the monolithic bridal fashion space, I am consistently charged to produce styling that reflects a diverse representation of black brides that shine light on their vast cultural experiences”, she told us.

“Our creative team executed this concept to show a possible parallel between streetwear style culture and bridal fashion, two worlds that don’t often collide, to inspire those who may not desire or connect with the values of traditional weddings and wedding fashion.”

“We hope this project pushes the narrative that what is seen as bridal should be relative to the personal identity rather than the ideologies of an institution.”