A Midsummer Night’s Dream meets 1920’s Vintage Themed Wedding

Amy Kate Photography

January 1, 2021

Jamiee and Logan met on Tinder, but their story is a little bit cuter than that. After a week of chatting, they went on their first date, where they found they had loads in common, including a love of travelling, and both felt like they’d known the other for ages! However, Jamiee was due to move to London for two years. After just two months of dating Logan bit the bullet and asked to go with her, and she immediately said yes! “That’s how our adventure began,” the bride told us. “After living in London for nearly 2 years we travelled across Europe on our way back home to New Zealand, and on the trip, Logan proposed on the Greek Island, Naxos. Travel meant even more to the two of us after that!”

When it came to planning their February 2020 nuptials, the couple knew they wanted a laid-back, outdoor wedding in the middle of summer with lots of greenery, foliage and being amongst the trees. “We wanted something quite whimsical,” Jamiee continued, “but with a nod to the 1920’s, seeing as we got married in 2020!” They combined star lanterns in with the foliage and hundreds of fairy lights, and a big half-moon photo booth tied the two themes together. The bridesmaid dresses tied into this two, with star embroidery, and they paired them with celestial accessories. “I wanted to feel like a vintage, Hollywood starlet, seeming I love to dress in vintage/pinup style.”

They began their planning by nailing their venue; after a few viewings, they settled on Waterfall Farm near Auckland, falling for it’s fairy-tale worthy ceremony area and the fact that the venue allowed food trucks. They hired a nearby homestead for the weekend as a base for the bridal party, and added bell tents to the grounds for those that wanted to stay over. They weren’t concerned about sticking to strict wedding traditions; seeing each other while getting ready and for a first look before the ceremony. “It was so nice to be together before the ceremony, it helped calm our nerves and made the whole day about us instead of being separated for part of the day. When it was time to put on my dress, we did a ‘first look’ out in the garden with no one else around which felt so special.”

It was a very DIY-heavy wedding, and the couple organised everything from the food trucks, the band and the venue themselves. They made the venue, the groom’s mum decorated and did the florals, and the bit that no-one thinks about when it comes to a DIY-wedding; the takedown the next day. “We loved how many friends and family wanted to help us with their awesome, unique talents on the day. My friend got her celebrants license so she could officiate for us. Another did our hair and makeup, and sang and played guitar as my dad walked me down the aisle. We were very lucky that everyone pitched in to help, and it made it that bit more special.”

Their ceremony was set amongst over hanging willow trees and the guests sat on logs in the clearing. Jamiee walked in to an acoustic version of Northern Wind by City and Colour. They’d planned to exchange personalised vows, but ended up doing so in whispers. “During the ceremony, our celebrant said ‘now it’s time for the bride and groom to say their vows silently to each other’, which took me my surprise. Logan then whispered to me ‘I’ve lost my vows so I’m going to make them up on the spot and I don’t want anyone else to hear.’ I couldn’t help but laugh!”

“We wouldn’t change a thing about our wedding day. The planning could get stressful at times, and we completely underestimated how much work a DIY wedding is in the immediate days before; we were still at the venue the morning of the wedding adding finishing touches! But we have no regrets at all – a DIY wedding meant everything had our personal touch.”