Rock n Renovation: Quirky & Unique Homewares from Orchid Furniture

January 7, 2018

Devlin Photos

After living in a too-small terraced house for over ten years, moving to our new place has been a revelation… in shopping! Before, our place was so tiny we couldn’t really physically fit anything else in, but now we have three reception rooms I’m loving searching out quirky and unique finds to eventually fill them with. While we’ve started buying some small pieces of furniture and decorative items, the house isn’t in anyway nearing being finished so a lot of the time I’m just researching, researching, researching!

I have a tendency to “buy now, think later” and then end up with lots of inexpensive pieces that I end up not liking really quickly (IKEA you’re great, but I don’t need to own everything you make!) This time I want to make sure we only purchase things we really love, that will last us a long time.

So today I thought it would be fun to share some of the things we’ve been swooning over (a couple we’ve acquired already!) from Orchid Furniture. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you’ll already know that both Gareth and I are obsessed with all things Japanese, so when I discovered Orchid Furniture, that specialise in furniture, lighting and accessories from the Far East, I was intrigued. We don’t want our house to seem too ‘themed’ though, so our plan is to add a few choice pieces from their extensive collection, mixed with items of other styles that we also really like. Orchid have London and Hampshire stores and also sell online, delivering throughout the UK and overseas.

This rug was the first thing we ordered. We loved the neutral grey colour and the subtle pattern. It goes great in our living room and is super squishy and lovely. The cats sit on it almost permanently as most of the rest of the house is still wooden floors.

Marble, I love you, but I can’t really afford you. This stone-topped round table is a great dupe, and comes in cheaper than the real thing. It’s the perfect size for a plant, a cup of tea and a stack of magazines and sits beside our sofa.

I’m obsessed with palm leaves and gold, so of course this palm tree table lamp has gone straight on my want list! I might also change the lampshade for a hot pink one. How epic would that be? It’s also available in copper/ black.

One day I will own my own hot pink, velvet chair. For now, I’m just going to keep lusting after this one.

I didn’t think I needed to own a towel ladder… until I laid eyes on this gold lacquer one!

Ditto this gold leaf rice barrel!

If you’ve got any home websites to recommend then do let me know. I’m loving finding all these fun, unique pieces to one day grace our home! I can’t wait to share more of the house with you as the renovations progress. For more regular updates, be sure to follow me on Instagram!