Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses Your Girls Will Actually Love

Finding that one perfect wedding dress can be a stressful task. There are so many shapes, styles and colours to consider. So is it any wonder that finding a single bridesmaid dress that four, five (or more!) of your best girls will all love equally can be an almost impossible task. Not only do you have their different tastes, styles and body shapes to consider, but the costs can really add up too. Stress City, population: YOU.

Luckily for you 2018 brides, the mis-matched bridesmaid dress look is more popular than ever, meaning that if you want to boycott the traditional matching bridesmaid dress idea, it’s easier than ever to do.

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to source mis-matched bridesmaid dresses is online. You’ll be presented with hundreds of options all without ever having to leave your sofa. While places like ASOS can be awesome, they often don’t have the massive colour and style variations that bridesmaid-specific online stores have.

The key to really nailing the mis-matched look is to have something that ties all the dresses together, such as the colour, shape or fabric. This way they avoid just looking like a collection of guests rather than bridesmaids. So if you want all your girls in different shaped dresses, have them all in the same colour, or if you want them all in the same colour, let them choose a style they are most comfortable with.

So where should you start to look? I’ve recently discovered Mix Bridal, an online boutique that offers a highly curated selection of designer dresses at the most reasonable prices, and I think they’re definitely worth checking out. With headquarters based in UK, they’ve also recently opened offices in Australia, the United States and Canada.

Mix Bridal pursues excellence in design and irreproachable craftsmanship before choosing to sell any dresses. And as well as an extensive collection of bridesmaids dresses, they also carry wedding gowns, flowergirl dresses and ties/pocket squares for groomsmen. Everything comes in tons of colour options too meaning it’s super easy to shop for the entire bridal party in your chosen palette.

“Our goal is to make shopping for your wedding easy, fun and most importantly, stress-free”, they say. “The way it should be, not just another task to check off your list. This belief is at the heart of everything we do at Mix Bridal, and we hope to be the final solution to your wedding party fashion!”

It’s all very well and good them saying this, which is why I was also thrilled to read such glowing reviews from their past customers.

“I looked all over for affordable bridesmaid dresses that I liked and that weren’t too bridesmaidy. I kept coming back to Mix Bridal but was terrified to order in case the quality wasn’t good as you hear horror stories from buying online. In the end i decided to bite the bullet and I ordered one dress to see what it was like. We decided to have it custom measured so we didn’t need alterations. It arrived today and I have to say the quality is amazing, the dress is exactly how it looked on the picture and it fits perfectly. Cant wait to order my other three bridesmaids dresses and hope they are as beautiful as this one (they are all slightly different). Thank you so much. Oh but definitely order swatches as the colours can be very different online!” Laura Louise Mallace

“I received mine and my daughter’s dresses this week in deep claret. I am so happy with them they are just beautiful , DHL messaged me the moment my dresses were shipped they arrived on time and I was able to see where my delivery was at any time as the system was constantly updating. The dresses were exactly what I expected beautiful colour, well lined and fantastic quality. I spent many weeks researching the website, I emailed them to ask some questions and they were very quick to get back to me, so I decided to just order and I am very glad I did, they emailed me instantly to ask me to check my sizing before they proceeded to check I was ordering correctly. If anyone has any questions I will be happy to answer. I live in the UK. I will not hesitate to order in the future.” Laura Freeman

“My bridesmaid dresses have just arrived and they are perfect! Amazing quality and the custom fit is very accurate. I was initially worried about ordering dresses online. However, Mix Bridal emailed me as soon as my order went in with questions about measurements and this really reassured me. I’m now going to order the grooms ties and pocket squares through mix bridal as I was so impressed with them.” Kim Sarah

“Mix Bridal were absolutely brilliant, from sending out the colour swatches to the finished dresses and all the correspondence in between! I had quite a mix of bridesmaids who wanted different things from their dresses so to get dresses that made them all happy and in the same colour was absolutely amazing! The dresses fit beautifully and all my girls commented on how lovely the material was.

Thank you Mix Bridal for catering to all my needs and for giving me 3 very happy bridesmaids! Also, for any last minute brides like me, I ordered the dresses three weeks before my wedding, I had to pay a little extra to get the order fast tracked but the dresses still arrived in plenty of time despite part of my order needing to be made to measure! I can’t recommend Mix Bridal enough!” Amy Louise McCulloch

So if you’re on the look out for beautiful, affordable bridesmaid dresses that your girls will actually love wearing, be sure to check out Mix Bridal! You can find them over on their website, Facebook and Instagram.


  1. Great article and very relevant to what see at our venues. Bridesmaid dresses are still one of the things we cant wait to see as every bridal party is completely different. Love the blog and range of topics covered x

  2. Anna

    How long did it take for you to receive your dress? Some dresses says 60 days for processing. It that pretty accurate?

  3. Chloe

    Unfortunately, I have had a terrible experience ordering from Mix Bridal. I have 4 bridesmaids and all took their measurements for the custom sized dresses with care and following the instructions provided on the website. However, when the dresses arrived, none of them fit correctly. Some skirts were too long, one too short, one top was massive and the remainder of the tops were too short and tight so they couldn’t move in them properly. When I expressed this to MB they tried to blame my bridesmaids saying they had taken the measurements incorrectly, which I find baffling as all had them taken by someone different so they tried to make out 4 different people got this wrong rather than admit fault at their end. I also expressed I wasn’t happy with the colour to which they said this is because people photoshop or filter their real brides photos, which I accepted but I also pointed out that their colour swatches are unavailable in the tulle material, which could have helped with this selection. I had to send countless emails with around 100 photos of the girls taking their measurements again, as well as the problems with the dresses when they wore them. Even after this they continued to argue, ask for more pictures and then only admitted fault for one out of the 4 dresses. By this point I’d completely lost faith in the company so didn’t want them remade and therefore I requested a refund. I was then told I could get a refund for one, but only 50% refund for the other 3 dresses. I pointed out this was different to what they promise on their website where it says even if you simply don’t like them you can get 70% refunded. I then received an email saying I was wasting time arguing – not exactly good customer service!! I explained I wasn’t arguing but sticking up for myself and my bridesmaids who they were accusing of making a mistake. After lots of back and forth they finally agreed to refund one dress at 100% and the other 3 at 60%. This means I’ve lost £160 through no fault of my own, and as I also had to return the faulty dresses this means I’ve paid £160 for thin air. Thank goodness my wedding was delayed because of Covid otherwise this would have ruined my wedding. It has already upset my bridesmaids and I, as well as ruined the excitement around this part of the wedding. My advice would be if you really want to risk buying from this company, do not go for the custom size option as you have to pay more for this option and then are punished by losing more money when they ultimately get it wrong and you ask for a refund. So unless you have money to spare/lose I wouldn’t risk it. I’m so disappointed to have had this experience and put my bridesmaids through it as well when this is supposed to be an exciting time for us. Certainly won’t be recommending them to anyone after such a horrible experience.


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