Whimsical Woodland Wedding

Jay & Jess

January 30, 2017

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Jenn and Josh’s wedding took place in a cabin in Payson, Arizona. The surroundings definitely influenced the wedding theme which ended up having lots of foresty and whimsical details.

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“We really wanted something green and with trees for our venue so that’s why we went to Payson”, said Jenn. “We also wanted something traditional but with a twist. There was a lot of small things that created the inspiration of our wedding especially nature and unity.”

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“We wanted the wedding to be outdoors and to have loads of flowers. I also wanted long tables where people could be meshed together, these are all important people in our lives and so I loved the idea of many long tables.”

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The bride’s favourite part of the wedding was having their photos taken. “The day seemed like a total blur”, she explained, “everything was going quickly. The photo shoot just felt peaceful, everything paused, and I was on cloud 9 with my best friends taking photos. Nothing better!”

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“The best thing about planning our wedding was that we had so many loved ones around us who knew the stress of planning and wanted to help as much as they could. The only thing we might change if we were to do it again is that we’d start the day earlier. I felt like we were in a time crunch towards the end.”

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