Unconventionally Geeky Wedding

Photography by Brea

October 7, 2016


Kat and Halo both have pretty unconventional looks, so their wedding was going to be anything but boring! They brought lots of geeky elements into their May wedding.

“We honestly couldn’t pick just one thing as our theme, so we chose all the nerdy things we enjoyed and made sure they had their place”, said the bride. “We were inspired by our daily lives, and our desire to always find things fun or happy.”


They wanted their wedding to feel like them, but they also included some traditions to keep their families happy. “I think our wedding was pretty different in how we incorporated some traditional aspects for our conservative families but did it in a way which stayed true to ourselves. I think we blended alternative and conventional pretty well!”


“My advice for future brides and grooms is to find vendors you trust to help you through your day! There is a ton going on the day-of, so anyone to keep you focused is a plus. Also, totally recommend the first look! It eases the nerves and makes the whole experience more fun.”