Heartfelt & Bohemian Joshua Tree Wedding

Dana Grant Photography

September 3, 2016

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Elizabeth and Capac were married in Joshua Tree National Park. The got ready together at Tile House, a rainbow clad rental in the desert, followed by an intimate outdoor ceremony and a low key reception with their guests at The Inn of The Seventh Ray in Topanga.

“We met on Venice Beach just as the sun was setting”, said the bride. “I was reading a play and on my own, Capac was with his friend. We discussed the flower market in London and then met a couple of weeks later and stood under a cherry tree in DTLA catching the blossoms.”

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“Our wedding ceremony had a bohemian desert theme. We decided to have a Native American ceremony surrounded by the people we love. We wrote it ourselves, including several traditional Native American rituals such as the smudging of the wedding party and the placing of a wedding blanket over the bride and groom’s shoulders. We also wrote our own vows. The ceremony allowed us to not only strengthen our bond with each other but also to nature.”

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“Our wedding was very personal to us and having our guests go on a pilgrimage of sorts from Joshua Tree to Topanga was really cool”, she continued. “We loved making our own decorations, gifts and stationery. I also loved being able to plan every little detail. The reception was quite whimsical. The themes reflected our love for nature, going on road trips and assisting our guests to go on an adventure. There was no moment of real inspiration for the theme, everything we chose just seemed natural for us. We return to the desert over and over again and love Topanga.”

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“One of the craziest things that happened at our wedding was that in the evening we drove back from Joshua Tree to Topanga but the B&B we had booked was all locked up. Capac clambered up the walls and tried everything to get us in but eventually we had to give up. We drove to Santa Monica and managed to book a room at about 2am at Palihouse. Luckily we are used to this kind of adventure and it is just another story to tell the grandchildren!”

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