I’ve Been Keeping a *Very* Big Secret From You

Rock n Roll Bride coming soon

How good am I at keeping secrets? Utterly terrible. Literally, ask any of my friends. If something exciting or scandalous is happening I’m the first one to blurt it out. Which is why I am SO IMPRESSED with myself that I’ve keep this under wraps for SIX BLOODY MONTHS. But today finally I can let the cat out of the bag and tell you all that…


I can’t share the actual designs with you just yet but here’s what I can tell you: This first drop launches with two (very different) styles which will available to buy online and in their stores by the end of July (exact date TBC). We’re shooting the lookbook for the range in Brighton on Friday so be sure to follow my Snapchat (@kat_rocknroll) for a cheeky behind the scenes look at the process.

Oh my god you guys, I KNOW. This is literally a dream come true. Is anyone just a fraction as excited as I am!?


  1. Tasha

    AAAAAH! I just bought my wedding shoes from irregular choice! Heart broken. Pleease tell me you’ll have some red or gold shoes – I might have to splash out for another pair!

  2. Jo

    Eagerly awaiting these, even though I already got IC Shoes for the wedding… A girl has to look good at her hen party too! lol

  3. Lorraine

    Hi . My heart broken best friend who’s getting married in Sept has her heart set on gold or white bride and groom shoes in a 39. The crature got a 41 by mistake and was lucky to get them but they are swimming off her. Can you please let me in on a secret if you know of anywhere that has them . It would mean the world to her. Please.


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