Win a Retro-Inspired Swimsuit from For Luna

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Here’s something I never thought I’d have the confidence to do – I’m posting photos of myself in a swimsuit on the internet! I mean, just trying on swimwear is a terrifying enough ordeal, let alone having to share it with the world!

Luckily for me, I’m rocking my new retro inspired suit from For Luna and I feel like a million bucks in it.

Since 2009, For Luna has been offering an amazing selection of 1950s style swimsuits and bikinis. These styles hark back to golden age of Hollywood, with low leg cuts, high-waisted bikini bottoms, gathered fabric, and excellent support. Think Marilyn Monroe in that classic white one-piece or Jayne Mansfield in her wild leopard print bikini. This swimwear is incredibly flattering because the fabric is ruched over the tummy to hides all sins, and there are supportive soft shaped foam cups in the bust. It’s also comfortable and practical for swimming in and all their prints are super cute!

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Win the Swimsuit of your Choice!

Need a new cozzie for your honeymoon, summer holiday or just because..? Well now is your chance! To enter, simply visit the For Luna website, have a browse around and then come back here and comment on this post letting us know which one you’d like to win and why.

You have one week, until Midnight on 26th May to enter. Good luck gorgeous!


Ts & Cs

♥ One Rock n Roll Bride reader will win the swimsuit of their choice (subject to availability) from For Luna.
♥ Closing date for entries is 26/05/2016. The winner will be chosen at random and emailed after that date.
♥ Contest open to all Rock n Roll Bride readers over the age of 18. Customs charges may be incurred for international deliveries which must be covered by the winner.
♥ Only 1 entry per email address.
♥ If for any reason the advertised prizes are unavailable, For Luna reserves the right at their absolute discretion to substitute a similar prize of equivalent or greater value. None of the prizes may be exchanged or transferred and no cash alternative will be offered.
♥ By entering the draw, you hereby warrant that all information submitted by you is true, current and complete.
♥ Liability cannot be accepted for entries which are lost in transit or not received due to technical difficulties.
♥ For Luna’s decision and any decision taken by the promoter is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
♥ No purchase necessary.


  1. Lilly S

    The Cherry Pie Retro Bikini! After having a six month little girl, this summer should be about being cute, fun, comfortable and body positive enough to rock a sweet bikini.

  2. Chloe Way

    I would love to win the Bettie Page swimsuit so I can swim like my glamorous style icon on my not so glamorous road trip around the USA with my future groom!
    Love your site, keep up the magic work 🙂

  3. Jo

    The cupcake vintage suit! I loooove cupcakes! I have two tattoos of them ☺️ I’ve never felt confident in a bathing suit and this one would look awesome! I would love to win it 😍

  4. Kirsten Mackie

    Blue and White Polka Dot Swimsuit size 12 please! I’m going on my honeymoon in September and am feeling nervous about wandering around in a swimsuit so I think this beautiful vintage style one would suit my curves make me feel more confident.

  5. Amy Winter

    I would love to win the emerald green retro bikini because 2 years after having my daughter, I think I finally have the confidence to get back in a two-piece – but only if it’s high waisted! Plus green is my favourite colour, I got married in an emerald green lace dress. Thank you For Luna for the chance to win. 🙂

  6. Gail Allen

    I would love to win “Red and White Polka Dot Swimsuit” because:

    As deep blue waves crash around me
    and blistering sun warms my skin
    I bask in the blissful glory
    of the sensational swimsuit I am in.

    With body of red and polka dots white,
    a ruched body, and skirted front,
    To me this is a sheer delight
    and ends my long-lasting hunt.

    For perfection has been found it seems
    in this gorgeous swimsuit of my dreams.

  7. Jem

    You look gorge! Love all of these, but it’s gotta be the red retro swimsuit, ideal for re-enacting baywatch at the local beach! *slow mo run*

  8. Kara Jackson

    My mum has surprised me with a 4 day trip away to Spain. Week before my wedding in July!
    If I won i would adore the Black & White Polka Dot bikini. It’s gorgeous 😍.
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    – Kara.

  9. Lara Hobbs

    I would love the black and white polka dot swimsuit. It’s a beautiful costume that I would love to show off in a spa with my handsome other half 😍

  10. Lulu Shaboom

    Like a donut, I put my email address in wrong, so if in the unlikely event I do win, I’ve now entered the correct email address with this comment 😳

  11. I love the Carmen exotic flower swimsuit you’re wearing (and wearing so well). I’d really love a good quality swimsuit like this because I haven’t worn swimwear for about 5 years because of struggles with an eating disorder. I’ve been in recovery for a year or two and hoping to go on my first holiday since 2011 later this year, so some cute swimwear would help! I’m also super pale and the spf50 protection sounds amazing.


    I have never before seen such beautiful swimwear. I’d actually go on honeymoon just to wear one of these. Thanks RocknRollBride for another eye opener to gorgeousness :0)

  13. Ruth Ford

    I loooorve the sailor jerry swimming costume with the anchors. I think it’ll look fab against my long red hair and I could rock this look on our honeymoon in Bali in July. My future hubby loves boats and all things nautical so he would love it too. Also I have some curves and swurrrrves so I think this vintage style might suit my body and help me be confident on the beach!

  14. Claire

    I like The Carmen the best because of the fun bright print. I’m looking for a new swimsuit for my birthday trip to Lisbon this summer!!

  15. Stacy Edwards


    I love the red and white polka dot bikini! I love this style, I love vintage and I want to feel amazing on my honeymoon. My hubby to be loves the Rock and roll style too so I think it’ll be a treat for him too! I need an itsy bitsy teeny weeny ‘red and white’ polka dot bikini 🙂

  16. Collette Kay

    I would love to win the retro cupcake swimsuit! I love the shape, but mainly because I am the cupcake queen! I love baking and eating cakes and would love to wear swimwear that combines 3 of my main interests: cakes, swimming and looking fantastic!

  17. Louise peters

    Hello! I would love to win the Jewel emerald green retro swimsuit! I’m getting married in December in Vegas and my theme is emerald green! I’ve got a green dress, green shoes, emerald engagement ring and my oh has a green tie! This would go perfectly! We are both going for a vintage Hollywood glamour vibe and I’d love to show off my curves to my new hubby in this beauty! Pretty please?! X

  18. Lisa

    These are all fantastic! I think I would go with the Carmen swimsuit that you’re in because of my skintone and because we spend a lot of vacations visiting relatives in Miami. Fun!

  19. I would love, love, love to have the Sailor Jeri swimsuit! Not only would it match my nautical tattoo, but I really think the style and fit of it would boost my body confidence in a swimming costume!

  20. Samantha Mather

    Wow!!! These are beautiful and awesome. I would LOVE the cherry pie bikini…..if I am ever to wear and feel confident in a bikini, one of these has to be the one to do that for me and the cherry pie one is cute and girly without being too cute and girly, which is perfect for me! Any time I have tried to shop for a bikini it’s been a disaster! Trying to find one that is flattering and fits my bigger size boobs, as well as my curvy bum and give adequate support- I’ve not found one yet 🙁 it will be perfect for honeymoon take 2 😀

  21. Becky

    Oh wow these are gorgeous and the perfect style for me being both “busty” and “hippy” (plus being a Mum my waist area, the one bit I used to love isn’t quite what it once was either so the ruching is perfect.) The introvert in me was going to play it safe and say navy or black but then I spotted the Red Retro Suit, I’m an Aries and I’m supposed to wear more red and this would be a great way to do it. A suit like these deserves to be noticed! Here’s keeping fingers crossed! x

  22. Victoria

    I love the Carmen exotic flower one! Been a massive Rock n roll bride fan since god knows when and I’m not even engaged!
    Winning this swimming cozzie would mean I would look like a sassy (and slightly muddy) 1950s babe using the communal showers at Download festival!
    So please choose me!

  23. All swimsuits are wonderful! <3
    But the 'Green and White Polka Dot Swimsuit' would perfectly fit my red hair and I would be the retro queen at my Berlin bathing lake. :3

  24. Kaz Macey

    You look gorgeous! All the swimsuits are beautiful but my favourite has to be sailor jeri! Definitely not just because I love rum, but my fiancé and I are planning matching engagement tattoos, that’ll be a lil anchor on each of our wedding ring fingers 💙

  25. Lilian Chambers

    I would love love love the carmen. I’ve just had a baby and I need something that will actually support my mama boobs and post pregnancy belly with out looking like a frump. The suit looks amazing on Kat if j even looked a 10th as good I’d be thrilled!

  26. Jo Wright

    Oh gosh, emerald green, emerald green please! Post emergency cyst operation I have a few exciting scars which can’t see sunshine. I’d love to look a beach babe in something vintage to match my usual style.

  27. Sherelle Howie

    I absolutely love love love the black & white polka dot bikini!!
    I would absolutely love this, I have just lost a stone & a half and am so ready to feel confident in a bikini again!!

  28. Sian

    I’ve been eyeing this site for months! I would LOVE the itsy, bitsy, teeny weeny red polka dot bikini, it’s dreamy ❤️

  29. Emily

    If I won I’d like the Jewel – the green one piece in size 18.I think it’s a very flattering style and I reckon the green would suit me – and would match my eyes! I’m a big girl and it always takes a bit of mental preparation to brave wearing a swimming cossie, but I reckon the glamour of this suit would certainly help.

  30. Galia

    I’d love the carmen suit that you’re wearing in the photos- it’s a beaut! 💜

  31. Nancy

    I have been recently diagnosed with cancer and have been subjected to a couple of surgeries around my abdominal area. I was fortunate before used to wear bikinis, even after two kids, but now I am looking for a new swimsuit that rocks and can’t afford to buy one either. The sailor one is cute and I would love to win it 🙂

  32. Macara

    Wow so many gorgeous swimsuits and bikinis but after seeing yourself in The Carmen -Exotic Flower Retro Swimsuit Kat you made me fall in love with it, it is so figure hugging and looks simply gorgeous. I would love to win as I travel a lot and my next exotics holiday is Corfu, would love to wear that cozie beside the poolside with piña colada and my partner by my side. <3 Macara x

  33. Tara-Lee Keepence

    Kat you look absolutely stunning as always ❤️
    I absolutely adore the Sailor Jeri swimsuit! I don’t have much self confidence these days and I feel like this swimsuit would be the perfect one to help me feel gorgeous in my own skin ❤️

  34. The cupcake one!!! It’s so amazing! I have to shoot a beach wedding this summer and would
    Love to take a few hours after to relax at the beach!

  35. Kiera

    Love these swimsuits; vintage styles are always the most flattering! Would have to be the Carmen – Exotic Flower for me, looks great on you!

  36. Emilie

    Oooh, the emerald green swimsuit looks devine! We just got hitched and are making plans for a modest
    Minimoon, a spa or pool is high on my wish list so a new super swimsuit would be heaven.

  37. Suzanne Davis

    This R n R Bride loves them all, but especially the red and white polka dot swimsuit – divine!

  38. Natalie McBride

    Id love to win the leopard print one please as I’ve just had a baby and I’m going on a family holiday in August and I’d like a lovely swimming costume

  39. Helen

    I love any of the bikinis/costumes that are in the emerald green as that is just the best colour but the one you are wearing is fab too and the pattern just shouts holidays and cocktails 🙂

  40. Bethan Jennings

    Hello, I would love to win the lobster swim wear for my honey moon next month. It’s the principle of mate for life! Fingers crossed and thank you 🙂 X

  41. Hazel

    The Emerald Green Retro Bikini is everythinggggg – just about to go to Croatia and fully intend on creating some beach photoshoots. Would be perfect! <3

  42. Emily Brim

    I have gained a bit of weight lately and have been extremely nervous about going swimming or to the beach in a bikini. These retro suits are absolutely adorable and I feel like they would flatter my body. Though I normally simply wear black, my favorite is the leopard print bikini! I would be so thankful to win ❤️

  43. Michelle de Korte

    No need for you to be terrified. You are beautiful and rock that swimsuit!
    I really love to win the Emerald Green Retro Bikini as the swimsuit I bought after my pregnancy no longer fits (a) and so need new swimwear to rock with my rockabilly baby boy on the beach!

  44. Leslie R

    Oh my god, either the retro cupcake or the rock lobster… talk about adorable patterns! I’m attending a bachelorette weekend in a beach city at the end of summer so it would be great to have a new swimsuit.

  45. Dawn

    I would love the black and white polka dot bikini! I would definitely be rocking my curves in that & this big girl wouldn’t be crying in it.. bikini envy… love, want, need it!

  46. Lisanne

    I love the blue starfish one.
    Like you say, even trying on bathing suits is a terrible part of summer, let alone parading around in one. In stores you see cute and cheap bikinis everywhere but never have I ever found a cute and affordable bathing suit.
    If these cute ones give you the power to post pictures of it online, I’m hoping it’ll give me the strength to lie in the sun near the pool with my friends without feeling less cute than them.

  47. Naomi Medhurst

    I’ve always had short hair but recently I had it cut REALLY short in a moment of madness and every time I go out in public, I feel I look like a bit of a boy with boobs! I’m getting married soon as well and I’m scared about looking like a man in a dress…

    So for me, it has to be the leopard print bikini. I’ve always loved leopard print, it looks so wild and crazy and nothing like the pinks and prettiness of the others – I never thought I could pull off anything feminine… Any confidence boost is welcome this end!


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