Are Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks Worth the Hype?

Are Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks Worth the Hype2

I’m wearing Rio by Anastasia Beverly Hills in these photos

I’m really into watching beauty reviews on YouTube right now. I know, I’m about 5 years late to the party and probably about 10 years older than their average viewer but it’s SO FASCINATING. I did actually momentarily consider filming this post rather than writing it, but then I decided to stick with what I know because being on camera is the cringiest thing ever (I just joined Snapchat and I’m trying to get better at it though, My username is kat_rocknroll if you want to follow me!)

Aaaaanyway… Apart from YouTube, the other thing I am unashamedly obsessed with right now is liquid lipsticks. I swear to God buying them is such a compulsion and I literally can not stop. I really wish they’d been around when I got married too because something with staying power that’s also kiss proof is ideal to wear on your wedding day.

There is always a lot of chat about the best long lasting lipsticks in the Rock n Roll Bride Facebook group, and as I’ve now amassed quite the collection of brands and colours, I thought I’d put together a little side by side review for you.

I’m rating each brand on overall pros and cons, how long they last, if they come off when you kiss someone (thanks for being the guinea pig Gareth!) how drying they are (1 being the sahara desert, 10 being as moisturising as anything) and the cost.

Lime Crime Velvetines

♥ Loads of colour options.
♥ New colours released all the time.
♥ One of the longest lasting.

♥ Lime Crime don’t have a great reputation.
♥ The swatches online are often quite inaccurate.
♥ You have to order them from the US which can be expensive, especially if you’re stung with customs.
♥ They have a weird kind of a chemically, fake sweet smell.

Lasting power: 9/10
Kiss proof factor: 10/10
Dryness: 8/10
Cost: £14 + £8 shipping + £8 customs. Total: £30 (approx)

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick

♥ The wand is super easy to use, flexible and very accurate. It’s definitely the best one of all the liquid lipsticks I’ve tried.
♥ Really, really long lasting.
♥ Creamy consistency.
♥ You can mix these really easily to create your own colours (I use the nudes all the time to lighten up other ones).
♥ Allegedly you can also use them as eye liners, but I haven’t tried that myself.

♥ The most popular colours always seem to be out of stock.
♥ The colour choices that I’d actually wear are a bit limited. I love you Jeffree but I have no desire for white, blue or green lips.
♥ While there are some UK stockist, they never seem to have many colours available.
♥ Shipping/ customs from the US makes these pretty expensive.

Lasting power: 10/10
Kiss proof factor: 10/10
Dryness: 9/10
Cost: £13 + £8 shipping + £8 customs. Total: £29 (approx)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick

♥ Shipping from the USA is super fast (within 2 days!)
♥ The colours are super bright and the swatches on their site are very accurate.
♥ They last almost all day with no need to reapply.

♥ There are no UK stockists. You have to order them from the US which is expensive.
♥ Flakes a little after a few hours.

Lasting power: 8/10
Kiss proof factor: 10/10
Dryness: 7/10
Cost: £14 + £13 shipping + £8 customs. Total: £35 (approx)

LASplash Cosmetics Lip Couture

♥ Loads of colour options.

♥ The colour doesn’t go on very evenly. I generally need to apply two coats and then it feels really thick and heavy on my lips.
♥ They flake really badly after wearing for just few hours.
♥ Shipping to the UK is ridiculously expensive.

Lasting power: 2/10
Kiss proof factor: 7/10
Dryness: 8/10
Cost: £10 + £20 shipping + £8 customs. Total: £38 (approx)

MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

♥ Available to buy in the UK.
♥ Super bright colours and the online swatches are very accurate.
♥ Lighter weight than a lot of the others.
♥ I love the packaging, very simple but very ‘MAC’.

♥ One of the most expensive ones (but if you’re in the UK, once you’ve paid shipping and customs on the ones from America, they’ll actually work out about £10 cheaper!)
♥ A lot of the colours are sold out right now.
♥ Not as budge-proof as some of the other brands and I had to reapply after I ate. However when it starts to fade it does so evenly, rather than flaking.

Lasting power: 8/10
Kiss proof factor: 9/10
Dryness: 10/10
Cost: £21

There’s no such thing as too many pink lipsticks

And now for the drugstore brands!

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour

♥ Available to buy in the UK.
♥ Inexpensive.
♥ Doesn’t dry your lips out.

♥ It’s not actually matte at all. It has a bit of a sheen, and doesn’t really ever feel dry.
♥ Has a kind of sweet, fruity smell, which I wasn’t a fan of.
♥ Pretty sure thing one isn’t even trying to be kiss proof because it went everywhere!

Lasting power: 5/10
Kiss proof factor: 0/10
Dryness: 10/10
Cost: £8.99

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick

♥ Available to buy in the UK.
♥ Inexpensive.

♥ Thinner consistency than the others, I needed to apply two coats.
♥ Isn’t kiss proof at all. Again, it went everywhere.
♥ Starts to fade as soon as you eat or drink.
♥ Was almost completely warn off about 3-4 hours after applying.

Lasting power: 5/10
Kiss proof factor: 0/10
Dryness: 9/10
Cost: £8.99

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

♥ Available to buy in the UK.
♥ Loads of colour options.
♥ The cheapest one I’ve found.
♥ Had the best consistency of all the drugstore brands.

♥ I needed to apply two coats.
♥ The colour wasn’t as bright as I expected from the swatch and tube.
♥ It wasn’t really that matte either.
♥ Was completely gone after eating and drinking.

Lasting power: 3/10
Kiss proof factor: 0/10
Dryness: 10/10
Cost: £5.50

Are Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks Worth the Hype


My favourite brands, by far, are Jeffree Star Cosmetics and MAC because they last the longest and when they do wear off, they fade evenly rather than flake. If I was pushed I’d probably say the Jeffree Star ones are my ultimate winner, I just wish there were more colours available. According to his social media he is working on more at the moment (including metallics, hell yes!), they just needed to come out faster to satisfy my addiction!

The drugstore brands (Bourjois, Revlon, NYX) are definitely the least drying when wearing them, but that’s really because they don’t go that matte at all! I’m not sure why you’d buy these over a normal lipstick really. They also can’t complete with the more expensive ones in terms of staying power. Of these, the only one I’d recommend would be the Bourjois, but only if you don’t mind reapplying throughout the day and you’re OK with leaving lipstick marks on your beloved!

Are their any other liquid lipstick brands that you’ve tried and you love?


  1. Natasha Brown

    I agree with the dodgyness of lime crime and the lipsticks i got were nothing like the pictures on the site (Also apparently the ingredients aren’t approved i read on a few blogs) . I love LA Splash (OG Ghoulish is gorgeous for spooky babes) but agree is feels heavy, like i’m wearing thick dry facepaint on my lips. But due to the talk on the RnR bride group i am investing in some jeffree star (Scorpio, which is a grey purple) and am mega excited!

  2. Natasha Brown

    Oh! Also i tried recently Make Up Revolution from superdrug and they do a matte liquid lip in gorgeous shades which where only about £4! Yeah they weren’t the longest lasting but went on well and didn’t feel cakey

  3. Sarah pocklington

    Kat, my latest obsession is the NYX matte lipstick, I totally agree the lip cream is disappointing but I promise you the lipstick stay power is great…and I’m a messy eater and drinker 🙈 At £6.50 you can’t go wrong 👌

  4. Laura

    I wore OFRA liquid lipstick on my wedding day and that was thanks to far too much time on YouTube watching reviews. No stockist in the UK so pricey again, but is so worth it for me. I never wear lipstick because I’m always worried about smudge and fade so to find this brand for my wedding day where I didn’t have to worry was just perfect!

  5. I adore my jeffree star velour’s and I use them for eyeliner all the time. They work so well and have the same staying power on the eyes that they do on the lips. Definitely give it a try. Dirty Money and Wierdo make the best colours for the eyes.

  6. Crystal

    Kat, you *HAVE* to try the Kat von D Everlasting liquid lipsticks! They’re my favorites. Backstage Bambi & Berlin seem like your colors. BAUHAU5, Bachelorette, Nosferatu, Exorcism and L.U.V. are some of my favorites. They don’t ship to the UK, but you could always have one of your spectacular US-based friends snag some for you if you don’t want to wait til your next trip over 😉

  7. For a budget brand I totally recommend Makeup Revolution’s Velvet liquid lip lacquers! They have some amazing long lasting colours. LA Colours have some good ones too and are available on Cocktail Cosmetics fairly reasonably.

  8. Post author

    Crystal, you know what? I used to have Backstage Bambi and I TOTALLY forgot about it. I’m going to the US again next week so I’ll be popping by Sephora and stocking up!

  9. Stacey hall

    I got my Jeffree Star from and didn’t have to pay customs. X

  10. Still really want to try Jeffree Star’s liptsticks! Right now my favourite is Kat von D’s everlasting liquid lipstick. It’s a bit drying but I love the colours!

  11. Roxie Rhodes

    I’ve tried NYX soft matte lip cream in Transylvania and I think it’s pretty good. I used to use Maybelline superstay 24hr lipstick – which has amazing stay power BUT does seem to dry my lips out. I’m trying to keep cruelty free with my makeup and only had Maybelline as it was a gift. I can’t wait to try Jeffree Star – my unicorn blood is currently waiting for me to collect it tomorrow :p I’d also love to try LA Splash day of the dead lipsticks…too many lipsticks not enough funds!

  12. I thought I’d be a MAC girl for life, but with the change in their cruelty-free status, I’ve been on the hunt for other long lasting lippy alternatives. Jeffree Star Cosmetics is a current go to as well, and have been loving everything Kat Von D, especially her Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks (Outlaw & Nosferatu are fantastic reds). Also worth checking out is Black Moon Cosmetics Liquid to Matte lipsticks: (though currently sold out of most of their colours due to a recent sale) – not as drying as Kat Von D, and they have a nice vanilla smell to them. Sanguis is a perfect red, and Harvest is a lovely orange/red, also some nice lighter shades like Wrath or Libra, and they do ship internationally.

  13. Of course now I HAD to go buy a Jeffree Star red – I love myself in red lipstick, but I get it all over myself and look like a toddler playing with her mother’s makeup! If it stays on my lips I’ll be overjoyed!

  14. Danni

    I reaaaalllly want to try Jeffree star ones! I think I own literally all the other ones. I’m really liking the NYX Liquid Suede and Lip Lingerie, they have so much more staying powder than the matte lip creams. On my wedding though, I wore Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso. From owning so many it was the least drying, kissproof, and it smelled like cake <3

  15. April

    I’m like a child when it comes to lipstick so when I discovered Kat von D’s liquid matte, I did a dance! I went back for another one a few hours later! I may have to use my Ulta points for one of the Anastasia colors! I can’t wait to see how Kat von D compares to Jeffrie Star, I may have to order one of his soon! Thanks for the review! I’ve just started watching beauty videos too (I’m kinda late to the makeup game!) I know I can trust your reviews! Some of those teeny bopper on YouTube maybe not so much.

  16. Younique Lip stains are my fave! Smudge proof, kiss proof, no need to reapply. The last all day and once the dry (within 30 secs to a minute) you don’t even know you’re wearing it! They have 7 awesome shades that you can build up for a “in your face” effect or just put on one layer for a more subtle pop of colour

  17. that’s so weird, the nyx soft matte lip creams dry totally matte for me! I wonder if it varies by shade. I love them because they are the least brutal on your lips. They also are kiss proof for me…but they definitely aren’t as long lasting as other brands. But I don’t mind since they don’t dry my lips out.

  18. Claire

    I’m obsessed with the Kat Von D liquid lipstick! I wore Underage Red on my wedding day and didn’t need to reapply once! I also use the MUA ones from Superdrug! They aren’t as good quality as the big brands but they definitely do the trick!

  19. Rachael

    You need to try kiko’s longwear lippy, (double touch) ? not a huge range of colours but by far the best for staying put, Defo have to layer it but at seven pounds it’s the cheapest I’ve found also has a gloss if you don’t want matte 🙂


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