Thursday Treats: Summer Is Most Definitely Over

October 1, 2015

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Jumper by Gypsy Warrior

Summer is most definitely over, and while I’m not one of those people that gets super excited for ‘Fall’ (I think pumpkin spiced anything is gross) I am looking forward to being able to wear layers and for rocking dark, dark lipstick on a daily basis to be acceptable again!

This week has been pretty insane. Along with coming back from my trip and doing all the catch up involved with that, I’ve been finalising everything for the next issue of the magazine (on sale November 5th, put the date in your diary!) and preparing for Way Up North, a photography conference that I’m speaking at in Sweden in two weeks time. Eeek, what was I thinking!? 500+ photographers staring at me while I advise them on blogging? Not terrifying at all.

As it’s the first Thursday Treats in three weeks I have more than the usual number of links to keep you entertained. So grab an extra large cup of tea and dive right in to this bumper edition of internet loveliness!

Weddings & Weddingy Things

♥ A bride’s father schools us all in the meaning of family when he shocks the stepdad at the wedding
♥ 12 secrets your wedding coordinator forgot to tell you
Edgy, colour-inspired wedding shoot
♥ An intimate vow reading in Iceland
♥ Retro 1970s themed wedding – that bridal jumpsuit!
♥ Bohemian backyard wedding
Woah check out this groom’s PINK FLORAL SUIT

Viera Photographics

Viera Photographics

Business Bites

What a long lost Disney character taught me about comebacks
♥ Misconceptions people have about being a YouTuber (also works for bloggers too!)
Tips for creating a great portfolio
Your blog is only dead if you are –  YES!
The banality of the magazine rack – YES YES YES!
♥ Personalise your blog posts to help your business

Best of the Rest

♥ DIY tattoo removal kits are probably not a good idea
DIY Lisa Frank costumes
♥ There’s a Hayao Miyazaki theme park coming to Japan!
♥ “Me & My Other Me”: Celebrities next to their young selves – kinda creepy but definitely cool
♥ Shay Mitchell has some majorly important advice on self-love
Evan Rachel Wood just said something incredibly important about bisexuality

♥ A house of flowers? Yes please!

♥ A Tim Burton inspired wedding (KISS and Twisted Sister fans might spot some familiar faces too)

From the bride, “As a little girl, I could only close my eyes and imagine what my wedding day would be like as I played dress up in a white princess dress, a veil and my ruby red slippers that Dorothy wore to go to a magical place. As I got older I always said I was waiting for my ‘movie moment’. Love will come into your life out of nowhere, and when it does, all of the other crap you went through will have been worth it. I promise! It CAN be like the movies! Here’s the proof.”

♥ The Pitch Perfect 2 gag reel is perfect

♥ The first look at The Vampire Diaries without Elena (and I’m not embarrassed to admit that I LOVE The Vampire Diaries!)

100 years of wedding dresses – which is your favourite?