Thursday Treats: Because Spring

April 16, 2015

spring has sprung

Ahh Spring, it always makes me want to clear up, clean things and get my shit together! So what’s been going on this week? Well, not much in terms of particularly exciting activities… unless you count organising my desk exciting. I mean I know *I* do.  I’ve cleared the meaningless clutter, surrounded my computer with crystals and candles and put a vision/ inspiration board on the wall. It’s all looking very pretty and colourful I have to say!

Other than that I’ve really just been cracking on with writing issue 4 (OMG!) of the magazine (issue 3 comes out April 30th and issue 2 is still available for sale). SO ALL GOOD THINGS.

I hope wherever you are, your day is filled with sunshine, flowers and love!

Weddings & Weddingy Things

Oh so chic Parisian ceremony
DIY suspended tassel ceremony backdrop
Lovely gypsy boho styling


Hello Miss Lovely

Business Bites

♥ Gala and Ellen’s Q&A about creating meaningful work was really great

Best of the Rest

AMAZING flower filled skirt DIY!
Why I decided to escape the wellness blogger scene – I love Helen’s honesty here!
DIY patterned postcards
♥ Amazing double exposures with things that are important to them
♥ I was interviewed about my personal style by Bride’s Up North this week
♥ AMAZING NEWS! Make Up Forever is finally coming to the UK!
♥ Watch this clever octopus take photos of aquarium visitors!