Valentine’s Day Pressure

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I don’t know about you, but I feel quite a bit of pressure around Valentine’s Day. In the run up everyone starts asking you what your plans are… what you’re getting them… what they’re getting you… and it’s starting to drive me crazy!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept of a day dedicated to love, but since when did it become a competition to be the most loved up pair? I even started feeling stressed about what to put on the blog today! This is a website all about weddings and love after all, surely I needed to have something epic and amazing planned? Erm, actually I don’t.

This year, just like every one before it, Gareth and I will not be going out for an overpriced romantic dinner. He won’t buy my flowers and I won’t get him a card. We’ll wish each other a happy Valentine’s Day in the morning, have a few kisses… but nothing out of the ordinary. In private we’re quite a mushy couple as it is (we both say “I love you” to each other at least once a day!) if we stepped it up a notch we both might implode!

So if, like me, you’re anxious about today, why not jump on my bandwagon? Chill out, keep it real, and spend the evening slobbing on the sofa.

I’m not saying you should rebel against or ignore the message behind Valentine’s Day, but it’s certainly not something that I want to define my relationship.


  1. Kirsty

    Could not agree more. It really bugs me that it has become such a “thing” now. Usual commercialisation, buy buy buy. Not stop, look around and smile. You have found your bestest person in life. It’s all gifts, cards, flowers and meals for 2. Tonight you will find me and my husband curled up on the sofa, a beer in hand, takeaway on the table watching Netflix!

  2. Adele

    Pffffft….does he know you love him? Do you know he loves you? You don’t need a day for that (except maybe your birthday 🙂 )

  3. Sally

    my fiance and I happened to go out for a great dinner tonight, not because it was Valentine’s day, but just because the powers that be happened to join forces and we were lucky enough to have some time alone, and when those opportunities are so rare, and things just beautifully fall
    in to place, they are all ‘Valentine’s moments’ whether they fall on Feb 14 or not!! enjoy every chance you have to be romantic, and enjoy each other’s company, not just when the marketing machine tells you that you should!

  4. Yep, well said Kat. Think facebook makes it worse with everyone showing what they got. No need in my opinion. Should appreciate each other but doesn’t have to be public. I have bought nice steaks and full-bodied red for tea though 🙂

  5. Preach Girl PREACH! I’m on that bandwagon 100%. Social media definitely drives that “WHAT ARE YOU DOING/POSTING ABOUT ON V-DAY?” pressure. How I show love to my hubby is MY BID-NESS…not yours…

  6. Clare R

    I got him some JellyBeans (because I know I won’t steal them, they aren’t chocolates) and he got me an Xbox controller! We usually go out to a Pudding Club, not to be mushy but because we both like cake!

  7. This is a wonderful post. There is so much pressure behind Valentine’s day and it’s nice just to enjoy spending time with that person rather than feeling like you have to go all out.

    Emma |

  8. Janey

    This is SO true. There is a ridiculous amount of pressure to do something romantic or buy expensive gifts. I gave my other half a handmade card (As I do every year) and this year he gave me a homemade card back. I cried, it was the sweetest thing he could have done. Worth so much more than flowers or an expensive meal out.

  9. Last year, we’d only been together for a few weeks when the dreaded V day reared its ugly head. I explained how much I hated it, he was greateful and we actually ended up going out for dinner the night before.

    We christened it Ante/Anti Valentines Day, gave each other small presents, agreed afterwards it was a brilliant thing to have done and we did exactly the same again last Thursday night.

    A few hours later he was in A&E with suspected heart problems.

    We’d had a rough few weeks of constant niggling at each other, but this stopped us in our tracks. Thankfully he is fine, a false alarm, but it made me realise my feelings for him are even bigger than I thought (see blog link above!)

    You don’t get that with some petrol station flowers and a cheesy balloon!

  10. The funny thing is I didn’t read this blog post when it popped up on FB on Saturday because I just couldn’t face anything with v day in the title! We had a lovely chilled out Saturday evening watching TV and eating lots of cake (okay, normally there isn’t quite so much cake but it was important wedding cake decision time!)

    Even if we did do V day it would just be complete overload… hubby-to-be’s birthday is two days later and I prefer to save the extra dollop of mushiness for then! x


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