My One Wedding Day Regret…(Don’t Make it Yours!)

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Looking back at my own wedding day, there’s only one thing missing. The day was, for all intents and purposes, completely perfect, and while there might be a few stylistic things we’d do differently now, the day went off without a hitch.

My only real regret about our wedding is that we didn’t have a videographer. As the memories of that amazing day started to fade, I wished there was some footage I could look back on to relive those precious and fleeting moments. Unfortunately it just wasn’t in our budget. However, if we’d known of a company like this one, who offer photo AND video packages, things might be very different.

This one one specifically for my Canadian readers (holla!) If you’re still looking for a photographer and/or videographer for your wedding, then why not book a company who can do both?! Toronto wedding photographer‘s Focus Productions offer photo and video packages so there’s no need to fuss about looking elsewhere!

Their team of talented photographers and film makers are available to shoot weddings all over Canada (and beyond, they do also do the odd destination wedding!) and pride themselves on their easy going and non-invasive style. If you’re nervous about being on camera, or worried they might get in the way, you needn’t! These guys have been in the business for five years, so they really know their stuff.

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“Our family members practice a very easy going and non-invasive style during your wedding day”, they say. “This is not to be mixed up with us taking our job of producing the best quality lightly. As years passed by, our team grew and so did our production studio. Now we have a family of talented photographers and videographers catering to all Toronto weddings and the occasional destination one. The Focus family are determined and dedicated to serving you our best work. Rock n Roll Bride represents individualism and uniqueness, and we believe that too! While what we do will withstand the test of time, we love to produce videos that truly represent the couple and their wedding.”

Photo and video packages start from $2000 CAD. For more details, simply drop the team an email!


  1. This was exactly the same for me. I thought a video would be naff as we got married a few years ago and I didn’t know that there were all these contemporary videographers who could do beautiful things. My biggest advice to friends getting married is to get a good photographer and a videographer too, the day goes by so quick and you forget so many of the details!

  2. My one huge regret too and I can’t even blame our budget as we could have had one but it was our choice not too. When we were planning the big day all I could picture was lots of weddings I had been too where the videographer was almost obstructing the guests view of the wedding taking place and we knew we didn’t want this. Now, 11 years since our big day with details fading fast from my minds eye I would love to share the details of the day with our 3 children but unfortuantely we can’t. X

  3. We chose not to have professional videographers but gave our home camcorder to friends and asked them to film what they thought. We got a fantastic view of the day from our friends point of view not what a stranger thought would be important to capture. Some great comedy moments in there as well as the key moments, we love it!

  4. I luckily managed to convince my husband to hire a videographer after many months of perstering two weeks before our big day! We are both so glad he finally caved into my pestering as it was the best decision. Our videographer was amazing and he captured the day so beautifully.

    If you are on the fence about a videographer… just book one!!! You wont regret it!

  5. I totally agree with this article. Getting a videographer is the BEST thing I did for our wedding. I have a terrible memory, and while I love to look at photos, having it on a video is all the more special. There are so many parts of the day I don’t remember, or just didn’t get to see. Like Lee before I was there etc etc, and having a videographer made that possible. They aren’t cheap, but in my eyes, are just as important as the photos.

  6. I couldn’t agree more! We had a friend video our ceremony and it’s so wonderful to have, but it just makes me wish we had more.

  7. Oh I totally agree! It always goes by so fast! That and having a good photographer are always my top suggestions. If you have to cut other things cut them, but have these two vendors! SO worth the money! Other then your love and each other it’s the only tangible things you have left after the wedding day (oh, and maybe some crystal)

  8. my only one is not inviting more people… it was a tiny space and two empty tables looked so weird on the photos. if I had invited just a few more people, the last minute no-shows wouldn’t have been so noticeable.


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