Unplugged Weddings, Wedding Hashtags & Feeling Like a Digital Leper

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For a while now there seems to have been a bit of a backlash against this hyper digitalised age in which we live. Especially when it comes to weddings. It is no longer unusual for a bride and groom to request that their guests don’t spend the entire wedding snapping photos on their phones, or glued to the instantaneous Facebook updates. Asking your guests to not share any photos online is no longer weird, or rude, it’s just a personal choice.

BUT (and this is a big but) I am an unashamed internet addict. I have no problem with my desire to always have my phone glued to one hand, my camera to the other. I love to document, I love to share, and I love to capture and save those memories constantly. Digital detoxes are all the rage right now though, and because of this I’m actually starting to feel a bit like a leper.

If, like me, you are a fan of embracing everything that social media has to offer then listen up. If you’ve ever wondered if there was a way to take all those snaps that your guests are taking at your wedding and using them in a more tangible and visible way, then you’re really going to love this.

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ii.do offer a unique service that not only collates and saves all the Instagrams and tweets that your guests post, it broadcasts them on a live slideshow during your reception.

Clearly, this won’t be for everyone. I can imagine that some of you couldn’t think of anything more obtrusive. But if you, like me, are pleasantly intrigued by the idea of seeing what’s going on online as well as off during your wedding, then you’re probably going to like this.

Dan Strang, CEO of ii.do, told me, “We have been providing bespoke digital slideshows for major events for a number of years, but the sudden demand for wedding feeds is unprecedented. Couples tell us that photography is one of the most important elements to their big day and the ability to collect pictures from all their guests, live on the day itself, never fails to disappoint. ii.do is the modern day alternative to disposal cameras, with the added element of live wedding entertainment.”

The way ii.do works is actually very simple. You register your own hashtag and then all the images posted to it are automatically fed through to a live slideshow which is displayed at the reception. It’s super easy to set up and they have a number of different packages available, the simplest of which is completely free!

Are you a fan of the idea of a completely unplugged wedding? Or are you planning to embrace everything social media has to offer on your big day?



  1. Love this. I think its fabulous if someone wants to share your big day with their nearest and dearest too. I encourage all social media!

  2. Alison

    I vetoed live tweeting during the ceremony- I thought that would be intrusive, especially as my husband has lots of acquaintances and colleagues – some not really close friends – who all wanted to follow the wedding on twitter from America. I was a bit freaked out by the idea of people I didn’t know seeing pictures of me getting married as it happened!

    But I felt I couldn’t be too much of a dictator – I told people they could tweet what they liked once the ceremony was over and the party was on!

  3. I want an unplugged ceremony, but wouldn’t ask guests not to use technology for the rest of the day. This is a fab service- I’m going to look into this in order to display tweets and pics at the second reception the next day!

  4. Honora

    It’s like the old fashion guestbook updated! I think it’s a great idea, as long as people are polite and gracious in their comments etc.

  5. Sharon Mason

    I’ll be going for completely hands-free and unplugged during the ceremony with no devices allowed at all… I want people to watch me & my Fiance, and my children, our parents, any bridal party – being mindful and living in the moment. Seeing it with their own eyes, not through a screen. Pictures will be allowed once the photographer’s finished their bit though (that’s what I’m paying them hundreds, if not thousands of pounds for!)but I still don’t want any Facebook or other stuff going on. If people can’t leave it alone for just one day, and one of the most important day’s in your life, then it’s pretty poor. If they’re addicted to Facebook or whatever that much then stay at home – or get yourself to an addiction clinic! 😉

  6. Ange

    We asked that no one post pictures to social media until the day after our wedding because I’m a pretty private person when it comes to friends of friends seeing everything. No one bitched about it that I know of and it was respected…that said other weddings I know of have had hashtags etc for people to post on the day. To each their own I say 🙂


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