WIN A ‘You Are Beautiful’ Prize Pack from Olivine Atelier


One of my favourite treats in our San Francisco Blogcademy goodie bags was an adorable little perfume sample set from Olivine Atelier. With it’s sublime packaging and branding (done by none other than Ms Shauna Haider!) I instantly gravitated towards it… but that was only the beginning!

I tested each and every one of the seven perfumes we were treated to and when I came across Amongst The Waves I knew I’d found my new signature scent.

Imagine walking down a sandy beach, with your toes in the ocean. Imagine a cooling breeze with a sea salt lingering in the air. Imagine staring up at the sky at sunset, coconut-based cocktail in hand!


“With a top note of ocean salt and black coconut, Amongst the Waves melts into a full bodied, floral heart composed of lush stargazer lily, waterlily and tiger lily”, they say. “These flowers rest on a warm base of clean musk mingling with tonka bean and Arabian sandalwood.”

And yes, it really is as glorious as it sounds!


But it gets even better when paired with the luxurious ‘You are Beautiful’ lotion. There is something so extra-indulgent about layering up your scents don’t you think? The consistency of this treat is silky and soft, and the bouquet is subtle yet gorgeous. Packaged in an 8 oz glass bottle, with that gorgeous reminder that you are beautiful printed directly on it, this is one piece of packaging you won’t want to throw out once the lotion is used up!

WIN an Amongst The Waves Perfume Oil & Lotion Set!

For your chance to win this delicious set, simply comment below by Sunday 8th June 2014, telling me your dream beach holiday destination. This contest is open to ALL readers of Rock n Roll Bride, wherever you are on the planet, and whether you’re engaged, married, or otherwise!


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Ts & Cs

♥ One winner will win a 5ml perfume oil and 8oz lotion in Amongst The Waves.
♥ Contest is open to everyone over the age of 18, regardless of where you live on the planet. Depending on your home country, you may be liable to pay customs charges to receive your prize.
♥ You have until 11.59pm Sunday 8th June 2014 GMT, to enter. Winner will be after that date via email and will have one week to email me their address to claim their prize.
♥ The prize may not be exchanged or transferred and no cash alternative will be offered.
♥ Liability cannot be accepted for entries which are lost in transit or not received due to technical difficulties.
♥ Kat Williams’ decision and any decision taken by the promoter is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
♥ No purchase necessary.


  1. Shana Taylor

    I’m getting married next Friday and I would love to take a cruise but I’ve always wanted to visit Australia too!

  2. Kate

    My dream beach vacation would be a beach in Alaska! I have always wanted to wander amongst the drift wood and see beautiful Alaskan mountains while breathing in such cold and clean air.

  3. My dream beach vacation is an island trip to Fiji with 20 of my closet friends enjoying beach fires, good times, great seafood and being merry!

  4. Liz

    Australia, Manly Beach. One of the most stunning places in the world, literally the other side from my rainy UK home. The ultimate escape, the ultimate honeymoon!

  5. sophie banitt

    My dream vacation is the sunny coast on the Mediterranean sea, Greece, Italy, and Egypt. I have flown over the ocean, but have yet to dip my toes in any water other than lakes and rivers. I would love to see and feel the warm sea along the coast.

  6. My dream beach holiday destination would be a nice beach somewhere in California.. I’ve always dreamed of going there, go on a roadtrip, maybe learn how to surf(!?), hang out there under an umbrella (so I don’t burn alive!), look for pretty seashells, watching the sunset.. aaaahhh someday 🙂

  7. kristen olinger

    My dream beach destination would be greece, I have always dreamed of lying on a forgin beach so far away from everything I know to completly let go and just relax! Listening to the waves and smelling the fresh air!!

  8. Amber Sherlock

    My dream beach holiday would have to be at Big Sur, California! Camping in the woods surrounding then running into the ocean while the sun rises

  9. My dream beach holiday destination would be Mauritius – palm-fringed pure sand beaches and warm, unspoilt turquoise seas with coral reefs you can snorkel over, a lagoon, colourful geckos … and food that’s a blend of French, Chinese and Indian. I haven’t been there yet, but someday I’d love to!

  10. So, my dream beach holiday destination is a place I’ve already been to. Aitutaki. I just can’t imagine a place more beautiful then that and I dream so often about going back! Seriously, it’s paradise!

  11. Cara-Jade

    My dream beach holiday would be to Sorento in Italy, I would love to go there for my honeymoon it looks amazing! I even have a whole board dedicated to Sorento on Pinterest :/

  12. Ariadne W

    My dream is to go to Santorini, Greece with my beloved.
    I have Greek descent and it would be very special for me to experience what my ancestors did :3

  13. Caoimhe

    My dream holiday destination is the Pacific coast of South America and the Inca trail in Peru. It’s on the dream honeymoon list for now though!

  14. Catt Baty

    My dream beach holiday would be to the hotel run by Hotel Chocolat in St Lucia at their cocoa plantation – everything on the restaurant menu and in the spa treatments has chocolate in.. what more could you want?! Xx.

  15. Dommo

    The Algarve for sure. The sea is freezing but that makes the seafood extra noms!

  16. All of your pictures from your Greece trip have me dreaming of bright blue waters and white walls. I would do terrible things to enjoy that sort of trip!

  17. Beth

    My dream would be to go back to a tiny little island off the coast of Belize called Caye Caulker and stay in the Rainbow Hotel, spending every day mixing with the locals, swimming in the turquoise waters, drinking rum and temporarily adopting all the stray island cats. I’ve never been anywhere quite so beautiful in my life, can’t imagine going anywhere else for my honeymoon!

  18. My dream vacation would be the islands of Greece with my husband and 2 teens – beach, good food then having fun with local families. Maybe riding scooters around the islands too (with helmets!).

  19. Meg Karetny

    Fiji, Australian coast, jersey shore, whatever! Just put my butt on a beach w/ some family & friends & I’m golden 🙂 thx for this!!

  20. Clare bartram

    My dream beach destination is at Oahu Hawaii with my boyfriend. That’s where he’s from and I’m planning to go there soon. Both of our birthdays are on June 8th and our one year anniversary is two days later. I’m super excited! 🙂

  21. allie lister

    My dream beach location… When I was little I spent a lot of time in Moonta Bay in South Australia. My great grandmother lived there in a beachfront cottage with an amazing garden. I haven’t been back there since she passed when I was 10. But I’d love to take my new husband (we get married in 3 weeks) there. To see the amazing beach and swim and relax and see the place that brought some of the happiest memories of my childhood. Unfortunately we live on the other side of Australia (NT) where we have gorgeous beaches you can’t swim in.

  22. Katy Lo

    My dream beach location is Fiji! I’ve traavelled their with friends but I’d love to go back with my fiance. Best of all it’s fairly untouched by tourists and the locals are some of the friendliest, hospitable people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

  23. Brisa

    My fiancé and I want to get married on a beach in Mexico, but his parents are sheepish. If I can’t have my beach wedding, I would love to smell like I’m at one!

  24. Elizabeth

    My dream beach holiday would be one that is coming up, my wedding. On the beach of Maidstone Lake, in Maidstone Vermont! I have been spending summers are this beautiful lake since I was in my mothers belly as a baby! Every summer I have spent time swimming the days away at this lake. The “You are Beautiful” lotion will be an amazing reminder that I am index beautiful, even though sometimes it’s hard to feel that way. I dearly want to feel beautiful on my wedding day, please make that happen!

  25. krystle wurster

    My dream beach vacation is sitting on the beach anywhere. Ass in the water feet in the sand. From Hawaii to Boca we’d be happy with time spent together on the beach, it’s where we met, living in the mountains now it’s a special natural thing that brings us together and invokes our relationship. If hands down I picked right now it would be Playa Manuel Antonio Costa Rica. #sendme #dreamingofthebeach #pinacolada

  26. My dream beach vacation would be me and my man at Seal Beach, CA. I went with my family a few years ago and I never wanted to leave! It’s a beautiful surf town with lots of little shops and a breathtaking beach.

  27. My dream beach vacay – is not beach specific – any beach will do – I LOVE THE OCEAN anywhere on the planet! Give me a beach chair and a stack of magazines and I’m in heavs!

  28. Sarah Sharp

    Mine would HAVE to be going back to Okinawa. My husband and I lived there for 3 years. I miss it so much! Beautiful, clean and warm water! Not to mention the most gorgeous fish and sealife to see!

  29. Jessie Johnson

    Ok so I know it’s a bit weird but my dream vacation actually is an Alaskan beach. I know it’s cold and not super beach-ie but I want to go out on a boat and take photos of the whales, walruses, polar bears, etc. And what better way to end a day of photo taking than a nice cozy cabin, a blanket and a fireplace 🙂

  30. My dream beach destination would be to go back to the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. My hubby and I were there for a short trip in 2002, and would love to go back again. It is my favorite place.

  31. Carolyn Fouracre

    We are getting married on 9th August 2014 and my dream destination would be Hawaii.I was a big fan of the TV series Lost and would love to be lost on that beach with my gorgeous fiance Mark Bailey!

  32. Bec M

    Mine is a bit cliche: the Maldives. It’s my dream honeymoon destination (although there’s no wedding in the near future). In Australia we’re saturated with images of these gorgeous white sandy beaches with crystal clear water and those ocean villas where you can just dive from your verandah into the ocean. Also, it’s unfortunately going to be underwater soon if global warming continues at the rate it is 🙁

  33. grasshopper

    I’m torn between saying Bali or Fiji. I’ve been to Bali and it is wonderful; I’ve never been to Fiji so it would be a tempting new place to explore. Hmmm. Bali?

  34. My dream beach vacation would be to go to Santorini, Greece. I want to stroll the island, eat Greek yogurt and sip wine with the locals, while watching the sun set over ths Caldera. An added bonus would be to twinkle my toes in the sand.

  35. Laura Redhead

    Swimming with my man between the Japanese islands,near Hiroshima. Then swimming onto the shore of one of the deserted beaches and catching fish for dinner to bonfire. Watching that red sun set, while the crabs rush into the sea to catch the tide. Then skinny dipping at night whilst the algae shines, it’s like glitter fairies in the water. Night swimming is like floating in space. Then salty sleeps, being woken by the surf and swimming to start the day off all over again. Rinse and repeat.

  36. Katie Jane

    My dream beach getaway would be to Hawaii, which is where I’ll be heading on my honeymoon next year!

  37. Nazreen Osman

    My dream beach destination has to be bali. The most spectacular surf, silence and spirit of the place. Thinking about it is making me melt.

  38. Bora Bora, without a doubt, though there are a LOT of beach vacations I’d love to go on. This scent sounds completely magical. <3

  39. Aimee Johnston

    Being so pasty pale and not keen on sitting down doing nothing for too long, I’d have to say Brighton! It has magical properties if you don’t mind getting bumpy pebble-bum, and is affordable and close by for lots of people. That being said, our honeymoon is to the west coast of the US in 40 degree heat this summer. What was I thinking?!

  40. SuperSarahFace

    My dream beach destination? California. The Bay specifically. I miss it and haven’t seen it in over a decade/half of my lifetime.

  41. Rita Correia

    It would definitely be Belize! Or anywhere that resembles proper summer weather really, UK rain is giving me the blues…! Need holidays asap, haaa! x

  42. Dina

    My dream beach holiday would be in the island of Koh Samui in Thailand, i am excited about it because it is finally happening we have our flights booked for August and we have the best bunch of friends that will be joining us from different parts of the world that we haven’t seen in years, this will be no ordinary holiday for us, we been looking to catch up with them for a long time, throw in a bit of sun and the sea and it’s an ultimate paradise.

  43. Donna Moynihan

    My dream beach holiday would be in Hawaii, where I would sit on the shore drinking lots of lovely cocktails (the kind which I will be denying myself until my big day).


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