Retro Polish Wedding: Marta & Bartosz

Retro wedding by Flesz.Ka Studio 53

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful retro wedding, and Marta and Bartosz’s big day, sent to me all the way from Poland, is one of the most gorgeous I’ve seen in ages! They were married in October.

Retro wedding by Flesz.Ka Studio 44

“We wanted something different for our wedding”, wrote Marta. “A lot of couples these days (especially in Poland) seem to go for very typical weddings but we wanted something more. My dress was a subtle yellow colour and we got really creative with our portraits. The vintage American airstream stands in the middle of Częstochowa (our home town) and sells the best hamburgers in the city!”

Retro wedding by Flesz.Ka Studio 47



  1. Georgie

    Oh you guys, this is just stunning. Well done, I L.O.V.E. It!!! Especially the pic with you holding the books in front of your faces… All the very best to you… And lots of love from your sister in Germany 😉

  2. Marta

    So amazing! I’ve been following your posts for a long time and today… I turn on my computer and what do I see? A COUPLE FROM MY COUNTRY! So cool! I love absolutely EVERYTHING about it, their style, her dress, the burger van, the photo session.. I’m so proud to be polish now! 🙂


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