Stunning Sunset Elopement: Katie & Mike

Martina Micko Photo

May 5, 2014


When Katie and Mike discussed getting married, they knew a big wedding was out of the question. Their elopement was held in Elysian Park, Los Angeles, at sunset.

“We decided to go against the odds and have a small elopement”, the couple began. “We met at school, and knowing our guest list would be endless, we decided simple bohemian elegance was just right for us. We had our friend Rebekkah marry us, and two of our best friends stand beside us. We stood alongside a mountain, overlooking the city in Elysian park. It was absolutely perfect.”


“Our wedding was truly a celebration of love”, they wrote. “A mid-week wedding, the intimacy of the ceremony, and the celebration with our closest friends afterwards was truly special. We wanted simplicity and a way to bring architecture outdoors. We did that with the mantle we were married in front of. We wanted something unique, and that definitely was. We liked how it wasn’t expected yet added a personal, elegant touch.”


“We did want a larger wedding, but decided this was best thing to do due to what we could afford”, they continued, “and instead we wanted just a few of our friends to be there. In retrospect, there is absolutely nothing we would have done differently. The day was more than we could have asked for.”

“Eloping isn’t for everyone”, they concluded, “but our fabulous vendors made our day simple, stress free, and the intimacy of our special day was exactly what we wanted. We wouldn’t have done it any other way.”