On Wedding Trends

Janneke Storm

April 28, 2014


One of the questions I hate the most, but I’m inevitably always asked whenever I’m interviewed, is “What are the big wedding trends for this season?” It seems to be the thing everyone wants to know about, but for me, it’s the one aspect of wedding planning that I’m least concerned about. In fact the whole notion of it kinda bothers me.

The way I reply to this question is always the same: that I don’t believe in or care about wedding trends and that the reason the weddings on my site are so awesome is because my readers are awesome and unique.

There is nothing wrong with picking up trends as they come along, if you like them. It is totally worth having a browse around blogs and mags to see what takes your fancy. You never know, something completely surprising and unexpected might end up being amazingly perfect for your wedding. This is how we craft our own unique style after all, by trying out new things. But there is a vast difference between following every trend passed down from You and Your Wedding Magazine, and picking and choosing what you like the look of. Don’t be the wedding equivalent of a fashion victim!

While I might love the fact that the shops are currently full of flattering multi-coloured midi skirts and awesome 90s inspired chunky platform boots, that’s always been my style. In my eyes the high street is just catching up with me (insert winky face emoji here)! And just like in the fashion industry, wedding trends are fabricated by people in the bridal business for one thing – to make them more money.

It is so easy to get caught up in the wedding media frenzy and want to have a wedding that is cool or ‘trendy’ though. After all trends are crafted to be enticing and alluring, they beg to be followed. Plus, if everyone is telling you something is so super cool, you can start to doubt your own initial feelings about it. You might question yourself and your judgement, “Wait, everyone thinks these damn moustaches on sticks are so brilliant, am I completely uncool for not ‘getting it’?” (I once, for a brief moment, felt this way about Ugg boots. Luckily I snapped out of it quickly).

I am always more excited when I see a wedding that’s completely unique and totally perfect for the couple that planned it. And actually, nearly all of the post-wedding submissions that I get from my readers these days start with the words “We didn’t really have a theme. The theme was just ‘us’.”

So I say fuck what’s trendy and screw what the magazines or designers are telling you is cool. Go out and plan a wedding that reflects you and your love because, really, that’s the one thing that will never go out of style.