On Wedding Trends


One of the questions I hate the most, but I’m inevitably always asked whenever I’m interviewed, is “What are the big wedding trends for this season?” It seems to be the thing everyone wants to know about, but for me, it’s the one aspect of wedding planning that I’m least concerned about. In fact the whole notion of it kinda bothers me.

The way I reply to this question is always the same: that I don’t believe in or care about wedding trends and that the reason the weddings on my site are so awesome is because my readers are awesome and unique.

There is nothing wrong with picking up trends as they come along, if you like them. It is totally worth having a browse around blogs and mags to see what takes your fancy. You never know, something completely surprising and unexpected might end up being amazingly perfect for your wedding. This is how we craft our own unique style after all, by trying out new things. But there is a vast difference between following every trend passed down from You and Your Wedding Magazine, and picking and choosing what you like the look of. Don’t be the wedding equivalent of a fashion victim!

While I might love the fact that the shops are currently full of flattering multi-coloured midi skirts and awesome 90s inspired chunky platform boots, that’s always been my style. In my eyes the high street is just catching up with me (insert winky face emoji here)! And just like in the fashion industry, wedding trends are fabricated by people in the bridal business for one thing – to make them more money.

It is so easy to get caught up in the wedding media frenzy and want to have a wedding that is cool or ‘trendy’ though. After all trends are crafted to be enticing and alluring, they beg to be followed. Plus, if everyone is telling you something is so super cool, you can start to doubt your own initial feelings about it. You might question yourself and your judgement, “Wait, everyone thinks these damn moustaches on sticks are so brilliant, am I completely uncool for not ‘getting it’?” (I once, for a brief moment, felt this way about Ugg boots. Luckily I snapped out of it quickly).

I am always more excited when I see a wedding that’s completely unique and totally perfect for the couple that planned it. And actually, nearly all of the post-wedding submissions that I get from my readers these days start with the words “We didn’t really have a theme. The theme was just ‘us’.”

So I say fuck what’s trendy and screw what the magazines or designers are telling you is cool. Go out and plan a wedding that reflects you and your love because, really, that’s the one thing that will never go out of style.



  1. well said kat, I bloody hate being asked about wedding trends!and what the next big thing is! Couples should do what hey want for their wedidng and make it about them not what is currently in fashion! xx

  2. Totally agree & as a wedding supplier trying to make a living it’s hard to try & ignore the ‘trends’ because you risk losing valuable customers. Choose what you want & like & stick with it. Weddings are supposed to be about marrying the person you love, not keeping up with everyone else!

  3. Post author

    Right?! Also who ever knows?! I’m also always like “er i dunno, ask me when Ive seen all the weddings from this season and we’ll see what everyone was doing!”

  4. Helen Dancer

    Well said… What I love about this wedding malarkey is anything goes!! I don’t want to follow the masses I’m somebody who wants to be as different and individual as I can, and any supplier said to me it can’t be done I will find somebody who can and the best thing about your blog is it directs me to people who say yes to my crazy ideas! So thank you Kat xx

  5. in follow up to that thought, what must be really frustrating for some brides is realising that one of the big things they wanted to have at their wedding, that maybe has a personal meaning (family in-joke about moustaches perhaps?!?1?) has become ultra-trendy and ‘done to death’….do you still go with it and stick to your guns but run the risk of looking cliche or do you feel the pressure to be original?!

  6. Kath

    I don’t follow trends, but sometimes find myself picking up on trends without realising. Definitely true with clothes shopping, eg if a particular colour is ‘in’ there’s suddenly loads of really nice clothes in that colour in the shops and you find yourself wearing more of it without realising you’re being trendy!
    I think can also apply to weddings. However I find that reading too much blogs/ Pinterest give you a false idea of what everyone’s doing. I keep seeing naked wedding cakes and mismatched bridesmaids which is what I plan on doing, so I think are people going to think I’m just following a trend, but then I realise my guests don’t spend their days reading wedding blogs so they probably have no idea what is popular at the moment and will probably think I’m being original!
    Anyway, my conclusion is just do what you want and not worry about trying to be trendy or trying to be original!

  7. Well said. I do design accessories but make what I like and more importantly what my customer wants, be it a veil incorporating and albino bat, a headpiece based on the old Labyrinth film or a Venetian Masquerade extravaganza (all of which are commissions I’ve done) but what saddens me most is how important themes seem to have become to people, when did this happen. I got married 15 years ago and nothing was themed and it didn’t occur to use we needed one, it was just about us getting married. I suppose the bridesmaids dresses and flowers co-ordinated but that was about it and we had a great day, it was just about friends, family and happiness.

  8. Alistair Goddon

    Trends are great. Of this there should be no doubt. I dont want to have last seasons phone and I want to be certain that im in this season’s jumper. Why would I still drink alcopops when it should be craft, locally made, carbon neautral real ale?

    In my life im going to have several phones (if I keep dropping them in my tea), quite a lot of jumpers and hopefully a shed load of booze so trends do matter.

    I only plan to have one wedding. What the hell has that got to do with ‘seasons’?.

  9. Always honest and truthful, I love my job designing bridal adornments and living in a sea of pearls and Swarovski crystals but more than that I love bringing each bride her idea of being a bride because just as each of us have a style each of us have an inner bride mine was wearing a simple silk shift dress when everyone around me had corsets and huuuuuuuuge skirts that were ‘bang on trend’ I am not trendy I am me….. she says whilst wearing floral purple glasses which are shiney and new and amazing but not on trend with geek chic at all x

  10. I treat wedding trends the same way I treat regular fashion trends – I like looking at the pretty pictures, but when it comes to actually buying stuff I’ll just go ahead and choose the bits I like and ignore the rest. Anna Wintour was definitely not invited to my wedding!

  11. Claire Castle

    I couldn’t agree more. In fact when we got engaged I was so against wedding trends that I ruled out loads of lovely things simply because I thought they had been overdone. I have since got over this and have chosen things I love regardless of what the wedding magazines say and what other people have chosen for there weddings! X

  12. Hayley

    Love this!!!
    I very quickly became jaded and depressed about how much money and stuff was required for a wedding. Until one day I just said ‘fuck it’. It’s our way or no way at all! As a result we are marrying in a microbrewery. Winning.
    If one more person asks me how many chair covers or table crystals in having I’ll shove them where the sun don’t shine.

  13. People only start to read the blogs when they get engaged and it’s overwhelming and they forget to follow their hearts and personalities. I guess following trends when you are short of time is sometimes the easy option. At least their heart leads them to certain trends depending on what blog they read and they take it from there rather than being blindly seduced by the dated junk at some wedding fayres.

  14. Nic

    I agree with a lot of things you said in your post – all these trends can be overhelming. In the same time I can not ignore the fact that your own blog represents a popular trend (DIY + vintage inspired + alternative). That’s not a criticism!

    I say it because I come here to keep my eye on a certain trend (focusing on photography) and I visit your blog because you publish well selected and interesting stories related to this particular trend.

  15. Thank you so much for this. There’s certain trends out there that I hate with a passion and it gets tiring seeing the same cookie cutter weddings. This blog is a breath of fresh air and shows that a little individuality in a wedding goes a long way.

  16. Cee

    “Don’t be the wedding equivalent of a fashion victim!” – why not?!

    I mean come on, if we’re going to celebrate everyone doing what they want to do then why on earth shouldn’t we celebrate those who do choose things based on what is “in.” It’s just as valid a choice, surely to goodness.

    Ultimately, with everything in life, things only become trends because people acknowledge that they ARE nice and what’s wrong with wanting nice, trendy or otherwise?

  17. tess tickle

    The biggest trend I have noticed over the last couple of years is the happy couple ignoring what the magazines etc are saying are trendy & fashionable. It’s fantastic that people are realizing it’s their day so they can do what they please!!!! Weddings were becoming the same everywhere, plastic production line carbon copies of each other because they were expected & seen as the done thing.
    If you look back a vintage wedding pics or even your own families wedding from 70’s & 80’s they were all unique & individual & hand making most things for weddings were the norm so in that respect hand making & having family help in creating your special day was very much a tradition & I for one welcome that tradition back with open arms!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. Hannah

    Amen to that!

    The one sentence I can’t stand no more whilst knee-deep in our wedding preparations is the “But you are supposed to have/do this/that..” I’m not supposed to nothing. I should not this or that unless we think it is awesome. We either want it or we don’t. But no one can tell us how to throw our party.

  19. The problem with the trends set with the industry is that they aren’t applicable to everyone, but the notion of following the trends makes some brides strive to be someone they are not just to be trendy. Not everyone loves emerald green, so why suddenly wear bold green eye makeup on your wedding day? Because it’s -the- color of the year. So I agree with this article. Use mags and trends to pull what fits YOU and don’t fall for the buzz just because it’s trending now… the next trend will be along soon to whipe it out. What you want is timeless you-ness.

  20. Becks

    I do agree that some people can get bogged down with what you should have at your wedding and go along with a ‘trend’ but I have to agree with Nic, Rock & Roll bride is surely full of certain trends? Halloween, super heroes, 50s style etc etc. You only ever publish ‘quirky’ weddings which are full of themes. It’s definitely tailored towards a certain bride and that’s not a critism. I liked this page because of that. If people want to have a trend then why not? If people strive to be completely alternative why not? Like you say a wedding is about two people and want they want to do.

  21. Charlotte

    I couldn’t agree more. We live is such a fast-paced and changing society where fashions and fads come and go. Marriage bucks that ‘trend’ as we go into it hoping it’s for life and not just for a season. So start as you mean to go on I say. Not with some ‘on trend’ wedding but a day that will last in memory (without cringing) as long as we hope all marriages do.

  22. Hoorah! This is exactly why I read RRB – to be inspired by people who arent afraid to be themselves, regardless of trends. OH and I so know what you mean about the high street always playing catchup.
    Keep up the great work <3

  23. jonda

    I agree 100% as a wedding officiate most of my brides do their own thing. I keep seeing some real ugly dresses and flowers on Twitter from the bridal mags. I keep hoping know one will flollow those trends. Lol

  24. Feather


    Great article. My husband and I were going to do a vintage inspired wedding and then we decided at last minute to get married. We eloped to a mountain town in B.C. Canada. My dad was the only one there to see us get married. I got married in a $40 dress and I rocked pink hair on our wedding day! Our wedding was perfect, and intimate and afterwards we went out for breakfast. Then spent the afternoon sight seeing. I would love to post

  25. Feather


    Great article. My husband and I were going to do a vintage inspired wedding and then we decided at last minute to get married. We eloped to a mountain town in B.C. Canada. My dad was the only one there to see us get married. I got married in a $40 dress and I rocked pink hair on our wedding day! Our wedding was perfect, and intimate and afterwards we went out for breakfast. Then spent the afternoon sight seeing. I would love to post a picture of us on our wedding day but I don’t know how to do that on here!

  26. I couldn’t have said it better myself!! I plan and design weddings in Oklahoma and the wedding industry has a strong grip on this area of the country. It’s very hard to get brides to do their own thing. But once they do, it’s so much more authentic and magical.

  27. alexandra hunka

    Yay ime so glad uve blogged this ime doing what I want how I want. with a little input from the groom of course (: i spend a lot of effort not following trends and being different and my wedding day will be no different no matter what anyone says 🙂

  28. Anne

    Um, I think many people in the comments are confusing the word “trend” with the word “theme”!


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