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Emma Case Photography

February 14, 2014


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With today being the international day of love and all, I thought I’d interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to share some of my favourite photos from the short session with had with my friend Emma Case recently. These were taken at one of her London wedding photography workshops.


We’re not really the kind of couple that goes all out on the 14th February. We don’t buy each other gifts and Gareth doesn’t spend £50 on an overpriced bunch of flowers. To me it’s much more special when he comes home on a random day with a £3 bunch of pink carnations from the supermarket because he saw them while he was shopping and thought of me.

Our idea of the perfect date is snuggling on the sofa with a takeaway, a movie and lashings of wine, so that’s probably what we do tonight too. And, after being away from each other for much longer than we expected due to my travel chaos trying to get home from Palm Springs (those extra 48 hours really did make a difference!) just being together today is all that matters.

I was so happy to wake up beside him this morning.


But I do love Valentines day… any excuse to get all loved up and soppy is fine by me. Just remember, that it’s not about gifts, expensive flowers or big declarations of love. Spending some time together, having an extra long snuggle and making sure you say “I love you” as many times as you can is what it’s really about.

However you choose to celebrate I hope you have a glorious day. Make sure you hug your love extra hard tonight.