Thursday Treats: Photo Booths, Karaoke and Monster Hangovers

photo booth crazy

Greetings from hangover HQ! Last night I was in Brighton on my first Christmas party of the year with the Photography Farm crew. There was a photo booth, karaoke and wine… oh so much wine. It was an utter blast but of course I’m suffering for it today. In fact all I’m really capable of is lounging on the sofa and indulging in some lovely internet procrastination – won’t you join me?

Weddings & Weddingy Things

Giant paper flowers!
Whimsical and colourful Michigan wedding
Beautiful woodland wedding
Loving this bride’s fabulous pink hair!
♥ Vintage hire wedding


Photography:  Naomi V Photography

♥ Playful farm wedding
Incredible incredible lakeside wedding
Intimate ranch wedding
Rustic North Carolina wedding
♥ Donna has been reading Rock n Roll Bride for so long so I’m so excited to finally see her amazing carnival wedding. PS GOATS!


Photography: Eric Ronald

Sales & Events

♥ The Couture Company are 21 years old (!) so they’re taking an amazing 21% off ALL bespoke wedding dress and headpiece orders placed before 21st December 2013. Get on that!

Best of the Rest

What a day in New York would be like if life was like TV
DIY white winter wreath
♥ Lazy things we’ve all done
♥ The post-Blogcademy blues are real you guys! Believe me, the headmistresses get them too. EVERY TIME!

♥ Watch how this leopard reacts when he finds out his prey has a newborn… (sob!)

This photo of Morgan Freeman will blow your mind… because it’s not a photo at all!


  1. You know I love you soooo much and it was very exciting to see our heads (and goats!!!) pop up in your Thursday treats xxxxx

    You’re the best Kat. Thank you for being such an inspiration during our planning and just giving me a fun place to hang out every day… I read RNR bride before I even found Christian, and just because we are married, I’m not gonna stop 😉 hehe

    Merry Xmas babe!

  2. I was so pleased to see a wedding I shot linked here today! I only recently heard about RNR Bride and really like the alternative look at weddings you’ve brought. Great site and work and thank so much for sharing Heather and Alejandro’s wedding.


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