Thursday Treats: A Week Down on the Farm

September 26, 2013

Rock n Roll Bride Wedding

Photography: Devlin Photos

It’s been a busy old week round these parts. Not only did we launch a magazine on Tuesday (!) but Gareth and I were invited to model at the Photography Farm that same afternoon! The Farm is a wedding photography workshop hosted by Lisa Devlin that I’ve been involved with since it’s conception. I actually modelled (solo) for the first ever farm and with this class falling on the two year anniversary it was awesome to not only be asked to do it again but to bring Gareth along with me! Of course I’ll be sharing the full results of the shoot soon enough, but I couldn’t resist a little sneak peek today.

Can you guess what the idea behind it was?

Weddings & Weddingy Things

Disney and Star Wars wedding
♥ Colourful Autumnal Melbourne wedding
English fusion wedding
Flower light pendant DIY
Twin Peaks Ranch wedding

twin peaks ranch wedding

Photography: Studio Castillero via Love Olio

Austin garden wedding
Colourful outdoor wedding
Horror movie and octopus beach wedding
Desert engagement
Arty watercolour wedding inspo

watercolor-wedding ideas

Photography: Karen Buckle Photography

Sales & Events

♥ The Wedding Magazine wedding blog awards are coming up soon. I feel incredibly honoured to have been nominated in three categories (the most of any blogger!) I’ve been short listed for best alternative blog, best designed blog and best real life weddings. If you could spare a few minutes to send some votes my way, I’d obviously be super duper grateful!

Best of the Rest

♥ Danielle’s review of the Madonna Inn make me really want to go!
I Am An Object Of Internet Ridicule, Ask Me Anything – an interesting and honest read
♥ Loving The Dainty Squid’s nail sticker faq and tips – she always has awesome nail art!
♥ Feeling grumpy? Kick your own ass back to happiness!
Ricky Gervais on Derek

“But here’s the thing; Derek was meant to be different. He was meant to be marginalised by society. He was meant to draw assumptions by uncaring, thoughtless people who needed to label and pigeonhole individuals for their own peace of mind. He was meant to surprise and undermine stereotypes. And he was meant to look odd, speak funny, have bad hair and no fashion sense and not give a fuck about such things because he knew they weren’t important. He knew what was really important. Kindness.”

♥ This magical proposal couldn’t have been more perfect for Harry Potter-obsessed Andrea Tyler. She wrote, “My boyfriend, Jaysin, is a wedding videographer. His whole life is filming and editing creative videos. I am a Harry Potter nerd. We fell in love 7 years ago and on the 14th, he hired someone to surprise me and follow me around in an HP themed scavenger hunt he planned out so he could meet me at the end and pop the question.”

♥ Not your average wedding video from Rock Life Studios