A Sunday Kind of Love: Getting Back to Reality

After the whirlwind of the past fortnight, this week has been a bit of a… OK not ‘downer’ as such… but just, you know, a very normal one. Getting back from a long trip away invariably means that you have a mountain of work to climb when you return (and emails ahhh so many emails!) so in all honestly I haven’t done much except playing hostage to my computer and make grilled cheese sandwiches for tea (domestic goddess? oh yes!)

This week may not have been a red letter one, but it’s still important to see the small things that are there to make us smile…

♥ long phone convos with my bffs ♥ being proud of my friends ♥ excitable emails from the made u look girls about the nyc shoot results ♥ constantly tweeting, emailing and harassing Gala (and vice versa) aaah I miss ya girl! ♥ Gareth’s honestly ♥ new mac purchases ♥ pink eyebrows ♥ kittens!! ♥ grilled cheese ♥ shopping sprees (for him!) ♥ instagram memories ♥ sushi dates…with myself! ♥ designing new shoes ♥ submitting my first book foreward ♥ pre-skype nerves ♥ organising a new workshop date! ♥ getting a new copy of Exposed magazine and reading it again, cover to cover (thank you Jasmine!!) ♥ making plans to visit my girls ♥ postsecret ted talk ♥ ordering the best phone case ever (can’t wait to show you) ♥ getting recognised and chatting to blog readers (twice in one day!) ♥ charity lipsticks ♥ fish n chips ♥ sleep…zzzz ♥

So this week may not have been as exciting as some I’ve had recently, but hell, there’s still a lot of stuff to to grateful for. I’d love to know what you’ve been lovin’ this week too…


  1. lalalalalove love love these photos, you guys are such babes! glad you made it home in one piece!! i’m so happy to see gareth got some hella cool shades & what a beautiful reflection i see in them! 😉

  2. i love the fact i’ll be complaining that i far to much to do and then i come on here 🙂 but you make it look so easy and yay to grilled cheese

  3. RachyLou

    What I love about this week is my favourite pink-haired one getting back home from New York 😉


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