A Sunday Kind of Love: LipSense/SheerSense Liquid Lip Colour

When shooting in Vegas, make up artist LaVey asked what I’d like on my lips, “bright pink please” was my reply (obviously!) “Well I’ve got something that will blow your socks off,” she replied, “this stuff won’t budge all day.”

And she wasn’t kidding.

When we wrapped shooting at 5.30pm the lip stain still looked exactly as it did when she applied it that morning. I’d eaten, drunk, talked, giggled…all in the desert heat, and this stuff was still there! Nope, I wouldn’t have believed it myself if it wasn’t me wearing it! Look at these photos if you’re still not convinced… (I’m wearing ‘Fuchsia’)

Left – one of first shots of the day {by Lisa Devlin}, Right – one of the last shots of the day {by David McNeil}

When I returned to the UK I knew I had to get my hands on some of this LipSense wonder stain (it’s called SheerSense over here in the UK). When I tried it at home I was just as impressed so I wanted to share some of the results with you guys too. The website’s (there’s a US site and UK site) aren’t the most impressive and in fact the product packaging leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s what’s inside that packaging that counts!

These photos were all taken on the same day on my phone. I’m wearing ‘Party Pink’.

The first, at 8am…(wow that’s a tired face!)

The second at midday…(still looking kinda snoozy but my lips look great!)

And the third, during a night out partying with Assassaynation, I couldn’t tell you the exact time this photo was taken…maybe 10pm? 

You can either wear just one layer for a more subtle look or layer it up for a stronger coverage. I’ve applied about 3 layers of colour (allowing each to dry in between). I didn’t need to top up the colour at all but I did keep applying the gloss top coat to keep my lips moisturised otherwise it has a tendency to flake off a bit.

So there you go. I hope you love this stuff as much as I do. Quite franky it’s the perfect product for your wedding day as it will withstand all those kisses (and not come off on your partner – bonus!)

*This is not a sponsored post & I haven’t been given this product for free in exchange for a glowing blog review. I bought them with my own money and I just love them so much I wanted to share the joy with you too!*


  1. Post author

    It really is amazing! sometimes it takes some time to get the technique of applying it properly – thin layers is the way forward cos if it ‘gloops up’ it will dry like that!
    Also if you make a mistake take it off straight away otherwise you’ll be stuck with it for hours haha! they do an ‘whoops’ remover that i might have to invest in next time i get some more colours

  2. This looks so amazing! I just wish the UK store had just as much a variety of colours as the US store! Plus it’s way cheaper in the US – may just have to order a couple to my boyfriends address and have him send them my way 🙂 YAY! Thanks for sharing, Kat.

  3. Post author

    That’s actually what I did Alex. I didn’t realise there was a UK store until someone on facebook told me but I’d already bought some from the US store and got a friend to post it to me by then!

  4. As soon as you mentioned it on Facebook I went online and bought two! Can’t wait till they get here. I needed a no bleed red desperately! Thanks again for another wonderful product suggestion. I have you to thank when I rock my Iron Fist shoes, Vivian Westwood dress and soon to be no smudge LipSense. *kiss kiss*

  5. Is that the lip stain plus the lip gloss? Or just one?

    I’d love a lip colour that lasted all day – mine barely last an hour!

  6. Post author

    Eliza – I’m wearing both. The colour lasts all day but you keep reapplying the gloss so your lips don’t get all dry!

  7. Awesome. Love this colour. I have a Nars lippy in basically the same colour but it’s such a faff to keep reapplying that I rarely bother with it. Will definitely check this stuff out.

    But more importantly, Kat, where is your starry headband from?

  8. Carla N.

    My first LipSense was “Plumeria,” a gorgeous pinky red with slight shimmer.
    You’re absolutely right – that stuff just will NOT quit!
    I was so impressed that I ordered “Fuscia,” also. It came today, and I love it.
    I wear bold lips all the time, and I want intense color that stays PUT!
    LipSense does, no matter what manner of balm, lipstick, gloss, etc. I put on top of it.
    I love the fact that it comes in just about every shade imaginable. I wouldn’t mind if it were a bit less expensive, but if it were, I’d probably go insane and buy hundreds!

  9. Mary

    Been using this for the last eight years ! I stock up every time I visit the U.S..it is a must have ! A little more expensive that a “normal” lippy but better value in the long run as it stays put for at least seven hours. Couldn’t live withouty it. The latest pink is lovely and a percentage of sales is for breast cancer research so well worth indulging !


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