Thursday Treats – 24th November 2011 + Uliana Sergienko’s Fall 2011 Collection

Photography Credit: Ed Peers Photography (full wedding coming up on the blog soon!)

Just a quick reminder to let you know that the Rock n Roll Bride Christmas cards are still available for purchase! Thank you to everyone who’s bought some so far. I personally can’t wait to give these out with my Chirstmas gifts this year!

Oh and Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers!

♥ DIY Beatles Wedding at the Smog Shoppe
♥ Ben & Anna’s Glitter Glam
♥ Love this Fairytale fantasy shoot especially the crowns and multi-coloured tulle!
♥ Love these wedding day (ahem night) underwear ideas
Fashion forward SF engagements
♥ The power of listening
♥ These design for 3D print coffee cups are AMAZING but I’m so bummed that my favourite design, the deer heads, is not for sale! I’d totally spend $50 on it…
♥ Creative Burlesque Inspired Seattle Wedding

Photography Credit: Catherine Abegg of CALIMA Portraits

Tattybojangles’ new blog makes me laugh. Sometimes we all need a good rant. Oh and I think I need this notebook no?
♥ Beautiful florals at this rustic outdoor wedding
♥ I think I need to arrange my nail varnishes like this
♥ Lovely new party dresses from Alexandra King. I might need that first black lace dress in my life…Oh and this one from her ASOS store!
♥ I love everything about Uliana Sergienko’s Fall 2011 collection – can anyone find these pieces to buy online? They are the perfect length and the patterns are incredible!

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  1. Bran

    Wholeheartedly agree with you about Ranty Girl, she rocks! I want to display my nail varnishes but typically in this country, the closest you get to a shelf like that is quite naff. If you find out where to get one, please let me know xx

  2. Ruth

    @Bran I use a spice rack from ikea to hold my perfumes in a very similar way. Only it’s wooden and cost about £3.

  3. I covet each and every one of Uliana Sergienko’s pieces. Love, love, love. I hope they become available for retail. . .otherwise I might cry just a little bit.

  4. Brilliant post Kat, LOVED Ashley & Stephens photos, the nail varnish, everything, especially Ranty Girl. Lunch Break. Made x


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