Thursday Treats – 17th November 2011 + 20% off at Candy Anthony

Photography Credit: Dior Couture by Patrick Demarchelier via Trendland

♥ 6 Laws Every Blogger Needs to Obey so they Don’t Get Sued – if you have a blog then read it.
♥ A Modern Mellow Yellow Wedding
♥ ReStyle a comfy sweatshirt DIY
♥ Dumbing down tumblr – when fashion & style bloggers are just as pretty & thin as fashion models
♥ An Old Fashioned Hoedown Wedding
♥ Adorable emailed wedding invitations with dinosaurs and monsters
♥ This colourful Canadian wedding is utterly adorbs.

Photography Credit: Green Ginger Photography

DIY glitter shoes!
♥ This ‘pixel cowboy’ wedding is genius – geek meets the wild wild west!
♥ The Huffington Post asks, “Is this the end of the vintage wedding trend?” discuss!
♥ D.I.Y. Wedding Day Flower Wall
♥ Shoes with cats on them. YES.
♥ Dying over this bride’s amazing blue Oscar de la Renta wedding dress
♥ Really cute & unique business card ideas. I love the idea of the rubber stamp, I’d go around stamping my website url on everyone!

Aussie wedding dress brand Master/Slave have just launched part one of their new video series to promote their range. It’s kinda creepy. I love it!

♥ And finally, I know my readers are massive Candy Anthony fans, so I had to share this with you.

Go go go!


  1. Double link love *cries* dude I love you enough to make a tippex version of the cat shoes for you! Thanks muchly, on my return to the homestead me and a big mug of builders tea will be viewing your blog *cries a bit more*.

  2. Post author

    claire that is SO EXCITING!!! tell them you saw this on my site and saw hi to the girls for me. i love them 🙂 have fun!!

  3. Aw and I don’t think that vintage style is overdone, everytime I see something that styled in such an amazing way makes me feel like I’m seeing it for the first time, sometimes just the the word is used a lot (I’m very guilty of this though so can’t really say much)

  4. pps. I did a copyright course yesterday and it’s made me totally rethink the things I put on my site :'( but it’ll be for the best as I don’t want people to think I’m ripping of others work when I’m just trying to help inspire brides like I was)

  5. Post author

    aww good luck with that lyndsey – no one is born knowing all the answers! but yey on you for trying to learn – so many people dont care! Basic answer is this, if you dont own the image – ask permission or dont use it.

  6. I LOVE the Canadian wedding. As a newbie to wedding organising I just wanted to say how much I love your blog. I was starting to feel sick at all the fluff and rude dress shop ladies…and then I discovered you and Candy Anthony in the same week. Result! Keep up the sterling work, so glad this kind of blog exists….x

  7. Nicky

    I am having to close my eyes today, I ordered my Candy Anthony dress last month! Their dresses are beautiful but eye wateringly expensive so this is an amazing opportunity for ladies who haven’t got their dress yet!

  8. MissKimberlina

    Sometimes I think – ‘If I see another freakin’ vintage wedding I’m gunna puke out bunting into mason jars’ but you know at the end of the day, YOUR wedding is exactly that.. YOURS and if you want vintage chic then go for it, forget trends or what anyone else thinks. It will always be a day remembered to those who matter whether its vintage or fete or goth!


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