Vivienne Westwood 2012 Bridal Collection – Exclusive First Look & Win Tickets to The Luxury Wedding Show London

I’m pretty sure by now that you’re aware of what a HUGE Vivienne Westwood lover I am, so when they guys at The Luxury Wedding Show, London called me as asked if I wanted to share the exclusive first showing of Vivienne’s latest bridal collection…well I just about died.

They say of the collection, “For this latest bespoke Couture and Bridal Collection, Vivienne Westwood has extended the collection up to 20 styles, whilst remaining faithful to her strong belief that femininity ought to be celebrated. The tailoring, corsetry, crinoline, and soft lines of this collection all enhance the feminine silhouette. There are silk satins, georgette and chiffon for the draped and slinky styles, silk duchess and taffetas for the gowns, and embroidery, lace, tulle and sequins all to enhance the couture styles. The collection is romantic yet strong with the colour palette ranging from  white, soft ivories, champagne, dusty pinks, gold, to a sumptuous red. The Westwood bride is an independent woman and this is reflected in the collection.”

And in the words of the lady herself, “My clothes allow you to project your personality, and are quite theatrical in the sense that they are real clothes, well-designed, and they give you a chance to express yourself. They are also inviting–people respond to them and want to come and talk to you”

 This contest is now closed

Vivienne Westwood will be showing her new collection at The Luxury Wedding Show, London at the Saatchi Gallery, London next weekend, the 22nd and 23rd October. To celebrate the organisers would like to give FIVE lucky Rock n Roll Bride readers two free tickets to this brand new show. Now I don’t know if Vivienne will be there herself, but even the thought that she MIGHT be fills me with excitment and nerves!

Tickets are worth a whopping £50 each and the prize includes:

♥ Entry to the show and a welcome glass of Pommery champagne

♥ Your chance to meet over 100 handpicked wedding experts & swoon over their collections

♥ Reserved seats at the catwalk show

♥ A premium goody bag to go away with, valued at £30

♥ A copy of ‘The Look Book’, the catwalk programme & a copy of ‘The White Book’, the glossy guide to the show

(Travel & Acommodation are not included)

To enter, simple comment below by 9am Wednesday 19th October letting me know why you want to come to the show and which designers you’re most looking forward to seeing. I’ll pick my favourites and the five winners will be emailed Wednesday lunchtime. I’ll need to get your & your guest’s full names so we can add you to the VIP list (oooh yeah!)

I’ll be there on Saturday 22nd too, so if you spot a pink head walking around, be sure to come say hi! I might even have a few Rock n Roll Bride Magazines stashed in my bag if you’re lucky…

Other designers who will be at the show Monique Lhuillier, Carolina Herrera, Vera Wang, Marchesa, Charlotte Casadejus, The State of Grace and Alice Temperley. Top boutiques Mirror Mirror and Luella’s Boudoir will also be showcasing their exclusive collections. Menswear exhibitors include Ede & Ravenscroft, Clements & Church and the Savile Row Company Ltd and wedding planners from By Appointment Only Design will be there hosting mini one to one consultations.

I can’t wait!



  1. Oh wow, Vivienne strikes again! Love that peachy orange number.
    I would love to come but its the week before my blog goes live and i’m completely snowed under 🙁
    Would love to have seen both Monique and Carolina. Have a fabulous time as i’m sure you will! x

  2. Angela Bennett

    I would love a seat alongside my best friend & fellow bride to be at the catwalk show & get to see the awesome Vivienne Westwood’s collection, please, pretty please, pick me x

  3. All of them are utterly beautiful! I adore Vivienne Westwood and my own wedding dress was a mash up of Vivienne Westwood & Victorian inspiration. I would love to see the dresses in reality, I bet they are even more stunning!

  4. Oh oh oh!
    This would be my dream come true, I adore Vivienne! (I went to the same school as her, but sadly not at the same time)
    Thank you so much for this sneak peek, I am in heaven. If only I could afford one of these gowns for my wedding, *sigh*. (I just ordered my flocked skyscraper heels by Vivienne and Melissa for the day though, joy!)
    Would be thrilled to see all the other designers, but Vivienne is my heart.
    Oh please pick me, I would just die!

  5. All of them are utterly beautiful! I adore Vivienne Westwood and my own wedding dress was a mash up of Vivienne Westwood & Victorian inspiration. I would love to see the dresses in reality, I bet they are even more stunning!

  6. Sarah k

    How funny! Ede and Ravenscroft were the company I got my graduation gowns from!
    I would love to go: if I could wear any dress, I would wear a Viv. My love of Vivienne Westwood started at a highly precocious age, when I decided that the only two designers for me were Jean-Paul gaultier and Vivienne Westwood and I was desperate to become one of them! As childhood dreams do, they adapt and change- so I ended up taking a degree in French and now teach small children about “punktuation”!
    After my first year of teaching, my year group partner was getting married so I set up a day of girly joy- nails/lunch/cinema to see the first satc film and a gig after. Even though it was her turn to get married then, I saw “that dress” by vivienne and oh my, I wished it was me getting married!(had been going out with my boy for a month then- a little early even though we knew things were special!)
    Four years later, it’s my turn! Viv would be still perfect even 20something years after I saw her first. So, pretty please with plastic cherry shoes on top, let me go next weekend!

  7. Grace

    I would like to go because it would make a fantastic day out with my Mum, who I don’t get to see very often one to one as I am part of a large family and live away from her. I would have liked to have treated her to going when I saw the show advertised before but there is no way I could have afforded it. Winning tickets would give me a fantastic way to thank her for all the effort she has put in already and always does for all of us, it would be a real treat as neither of us have been to anything like this before, and really wonderful to give me a better idea of what dress and hair etc I would like for my Wedding. I would be most excited to see Vivienne Westwood (who wouldn’t be!) and Charlotte Casadejus because I think her designs are simply beautiful.
    Fingers crossed (and toes!) x

  8. Yom yom yom – how BEAUTIFUL are these dresses! Just totally stunning. Makes me want to buy one and wear it, despite the fact I’ve been married for 7 years!! x

  9. phili moore

    I would love to be picked to go to this as Vivenne Westwood and Vera Wang are my muses. As a Make-up artist in training I look to them for inspiration and would do absolutly anything to go to a show like this. And as the future Mrs Coss I would love to get some idea’s for the dress I will wear. Ever since I was 9 and saw that Vera Wang wedding dress in Harrods I have dreamnt of a vera Wang dress and seeing them as a catwalk show would be a dream come true.
    Please at least consider me.
    Lots of love
    Phili xxxx

  10. phili moore

    I would love to be picked to go to this as Vivenne Westwood and Vera Wang are my muses. As a Make-up artist in training I look to them for inspiration and would do absolutly anything to go to a show like this. And as the future Mrs Coss I would love to get some idea’s for the dress I will wear. Ever since I was 9 and saw that Vera Wang wedding dress in Harrods I have dreamnt of a vera Wang dress and seeing them as a catwalk show would be a dream come true.
    Please at least consider me.
    Lots of love
    Phili xxxx

  11. Shoshanna Ani

    These gowns are breath-taking! I would so love to go to the show. I’ve been studying the art of couture bridal-wear and am planning to launch my own collection in just a few months. To see all of the designers showcasing their work would just be incredible!

  12. Julia Crockford

    Well it’s not very rock’n roll to beg now is it!
    Please consider a “maturer”bride to be who can take along her equally “maturer” bride to be friend as her wing man. Us “maturer” brides have it tough enough competing with the yoofs so take pity on us and give us a great day/night out to remember! Plus we are both nurses on the NHS and so can only dream of owning such beautiful dresses for our own weddings on our measly wages! A girl can dream though!
    Love Joolz xx

  13. Oh my giddy aunt! I would LOVE to go to this show.

    Vivienne Westwood is GOD. She literally changed the face of British fashion – her designs both repel and draw you in at the same time. Im currently wearing her amazing jelly shoes – they smell like fruity rubbers from when I was a child for gods sake!!! How can I not adore this woman?

    To see a Vivienne Westwood show is on my ‘bucket list’ – Kat, you could honestly make my dreams come true.

    If that wasnt enough, the show also includes The State of Grace – in my humble opinion, one of the most creative wedding dress designers of the minute. AND they design for and dress Paloma Faith… SWOON.

    Im now mentally dressing myself for if (fingers, toes and everything crossed) I win these tickets…

    Im thinking Viv’s Jelly shoes (navy flats) Henry Holland crochet tights, black bandage skirt (holds in the gut) with silver zips (Im channelling the Vivmeister), navy floaty chiffon blouse (George at Asda but I LOVE it) and perhaps my orange butterfly fascinator.

    So if my gushing over designers and terrible dress sense hasnt put you off, then PLEASE PLEASE pick me.


    Sam Cleasby – Timm Cleasby Photography

  14. Natalie Asquith

    I would love to go to the Luxury Wedding Show to see the Vivienne Westwood collection! And even though my chances of affording a lot of the things there are slim, I want to get lots of ideas for my wedding so I can DIY a lot of things and make my wedding as beautiful as the weddings there!

  15. Lily

    It’s so hard to find designers these days that are not only cutting edge and innovative… but also celebrate the female form itself. Nobody does it quite like Vivienne.
    The whole show is going to be such a beautiful experience, really celebrating fashion as a true art from, rather than just something frivoulous. (Alice Temperley is also going to be a huge one to watch, for anyone else who has fllen in love with the Victorian revival this season 😉 But alas, the budget of a student only stretches so far D’:
    If you want to grant me my wish of experiencing the ARTWORK of the one woman who has inspired me to take the first real risk of my life, studying fashion at university, then pick me!

  16. Elle

    Vivienne is a long time idol of mine. Her strength, steadfast individuality and slight barmy-ness are a personal inspiration and, as I too am a fashion designer, I would love to be inspired by seeing her work up close as well. Add to this the fact that my future husband is an old school punk and I hope that I’m lucky enough to be chosen to walk through those doors and witness the Westwood glory in the flesh!

  17. I’m just sitting in my chair faint with desire to get in one of these dresses. The red fluffy beautiful mess and the two white poof balls are melting my design heart.

    The thought of Vera Wang, Marchesa, Monique Lhuillier AND Vivienne Westwood dresses in the same room is pure wedding gown bliss. I would love to be at this event and would soak up every design detail of these fabulous gowns.

    What an amazing opportunity, Kat! I will message you soon about your dress! The teacher that taught me how to make corset dresses worked for Vivienne Westwood for 8 years. (Please no one else read this!) <3

  18. Francesca

    What can I say,i love Vivienne Westwood and am getting married next June, and really want to create an amazing alternative wedding. Plus fell in love with one of the dress in this post (the 4th!).

  19. lucy

    Oh My God, I nearly passed out when I started looking at the pics. They are STUNNING! I am an absolutely massive fan of Vivienne Westwood and could spend hours in her stores just looking at the shapes of her designs. She’s like an addiction! She just never fails to amaze me. She is in a league of her own!! Love the fact there is a little bit of some Anglomania/Melissa shoes peeping out from under one of the dresses.
    I am getting married soon and would be chuffed to b*****y if I won!
    I came to your site to look for some cool wedding rings and now am having palpitations after this 🙂

    I honestly want to win this like you would not believe!

  20. Monica Lombardelli

    My boyfriend is ready to get married after nearly 7 years together and I would really like the chance to see designers who create wedding dresses which will celebrate my strength and independence as a woman as well as my femininity. Designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Vera Wang and Carolina Herrera are my inspiration for a wedding dress of my dreams which will show these sides of me. Seeing these designers and their bridal collections will enable me to pull my ideas together about a vintage inspired, but original wedding dress which will stand out from the crowd on my big day.

  21. How much would I love to see all the pretty dresses? OMG. Kula Tsurdiu is showing her new collection too and I love what I have seen of her stuff to date. But I have always said (well ever since that time I drooled over the one on The Clothes Show all those years ago) that in a dream world, at my dream wedding, I would totally be wearing Viviene Westwood. She would make my boobies look fabulous, there’s no doubt about it. I even have snaps on my old computer of me trying on normal VW frocks in Liberty to see what the necklines etc look like on me just in case I needed to show a dress maker the sort of thing I wanted. Tee hee. *daydreams* Enjoy the show, everybody who goes!!! x

  22. my daughter and i love vivienne westwood designs – i covet the bambi tote bag still and wish i could afford one. We aren’t either of us getting married (yet) but are still dreaming of when our prince charmings may arrive and whisk us up the aisle – in the meantime we content ourselves with your sumptuous blog and imagine acres of petticoats and cupcakes. Even if we don’t get to go to this we will look forward to the photos of the day.

  23. Josie Delap

    I would love love LOVE to see the Vivienne Westwood collection – she would be my dream wedding dress designer. Perfect for people with curves! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  24. DaleEliz

    Dear Kat,
    Could you fix it for me and my mum to go to the Luxury Wedding show? Since getting engaged at Christmas I have been an absolutely rubbish bride to be. My mum was so excited that her only daughter was going to get married and started sending me links to wedding dresses around mid- January. I have so far refused to go wedding dress shopping and when she bought me one of those wedding magazines it caused a major rant (£20,000 is too much for what is essentially a tent though right??) The boy and I went and booked the venue on our own with absolutely no consultation (it is partially restored Georgian swimming baths and although I think it is amazing -it IS amazing- I can understand it is not necessarily what she was expecting.) To top it all we’ve chosen a dish for the wedding breakfast she doesn’t actually like. I am sure she has given up hope that I might do anything like go to a wedding fayre so it would be a brilliant thing to surprise her with. I’m all about being a rock and roll bride and doing things your own way, but I love my Mum and I want her to have some fun too. Kat, can you help?

  25. Vic

    Oh how i’d love…. love to go and get a good snoop on the Ms V Westwood, Vera Wang and Candy Anthony creations and then after getting myself together again off to Wild about flowers to get ideas for a village hall wedding and a long visit to David Austin stand for a good sniff on the traditional scented old english roses…. would be delightful…..

  26. maria capussela

    I’m getting married……need a better excuse to gwt to go? (as if there was one…?0 i’d hate to force my best friend who i dearly love to sit through her most boring and slightly painful afternoon (upo afternoon upon afternoon) in bridal shops all over london.
    If i get to go and find my dress there, she’ll love me forever.
    Is candy anthony there? would love to see that. And the herrera nu,bers often intrigue me..

    p.s. i’m italian living in london getting married in italy. so so hard to organize it there from here, a weekend at the seaside..will let you know all about it.. if only i could find my dress at the show….

  27. Gemma

    Wow, Id LOVE to go to this…so much inspiration!!!! We are wanting a “postmodernism” vibe to our wedding and seeing some Vivienne and Vera (must be something about those V women!) would massively help with our creative juices! And I would so much enjoy daydreaming about being a V girl! Going to see the men’s retailers would also be fab, my finace is having a hard time finding an 80’s cut suit and it would be great to get him to talk to someone who may actually be able to help!
    An event such as this will be full of the most beautiful things, and I think it is really important to take vision and insight form these things and to channel it within each of us….and what a wonderful place to do this! x

  28. Hey, I’ll be there too (I’m sooo excited already! Can’t wait to see the Vivienne Westwood collection!, so if I spot you I’ll come over to say hello. 😉 Oh, and good luck to all the people trying to get these tickets.

  29. I would love to treat my Mum by bringing her along to the wedding show. So far i’ve not brought her to anything (i know, slap on the wrist) and maybe if she sees some of the beauty of those fab Viv Westwood dresses then i can finally persuade her to stop moaning at me about my increasing collection of Viv Westwood shoes!

  30. gemma

    It would mean the world to me to go as I am a huge fan of vivienne westwood, her stylish creations and big spunky attitude are an inspiration for many. I have collected a few pieces over the years ……with some savvy saving as I am generally always skint. The opportuninty to go would certainly help with the selection of a dress for my wedding next year… wont be a westie but a girl can but dream……x

  31. Laura Bridle

    Oh my oh my please do pick me!!
    I’ve just got engaged, he got down on one knee!
    I’m so gosh darn excited at the thought of this treat 
    I may just pass out….but then you I’d not meet!

    Please do pick me and my bf Sam
    she too is getting married, and we love the glam
    vivienne Westwood,  Vera Wang and the state of Grace…..
    If only you could see the joy on my face!!

    This may be quite corny and a bit lame
    But please let two girls enjoy the fame
    We promise not to embarass you …much
    So please pink beauty, get in touch!! 


  32. Oh I’d LOVE to go to this. I love Monique Lhuillier’s gowns, but my favourite is probably Vivienne Westwood – she designs for real women’s shapes, and I just find the dresses so incredibly flattering, so well designed, and just so beautiful.

  33. Tracey Berrange

    Oh my gosh.. PLEASE can I have the tickets. My friend is getting married in Feb and I am helping her as her budget is really tight! We would LOVE to be able to see Vivienne’s Gowns.

  34. I would die a little inside if I didn’t get the chance to view the Vivienne Westwood collection. I also have a wedding to go to where the bride is stunningly gorgeous, and I will need serious cheering up after being all jealous and shiz 😉 pick me! Pick me! X

  35. A-MAZE-ING! These dresses make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I love that wedding dresses have become so expressive. Nothing wrong with a simple traditional dress, if that is your style, but now your dress can really be an extension of yourself, whoever you are. Love it!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂


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