Thursday Treats – 11th August 2011

Credit: wisely-chosen on flickr (seriously go check out the rest of her stream. It’s rainbowlicious.)

I don’t know about you, but I’ll probably never tire of rainbow hair…Elbie, can we do this to me next please?

I also need to add a quick interjection to draw your attention to Kate Moss’ wedding album which is going to be featuring in the September issue of American Vogue. There are no words.



Photography Credit: Mario Testino (click here for more)

This week’s Treats have turned out to make a surprisingly bumper edition. I hope you enjoy the extra link lovelies…

♥ How to deal when your wedding goes viral and people hate itfab post about how to deal with those annoying internet trolls! Great advice all round.
♥ Paper engagement rings!?
Fab alternative bouquet ideas
♥ Desert Botanical Garden Wedding loving the bride’s unusually shaped dress
♥ Organization Methods: Tips And Tricks From A Virgothanks Nubby. I really needed this (ps I’m totally jealous of your shoe bookshelf…if only I had enough space/was as naturally organised)
♥ 1800′s Wedding Gown Brought Back To Life
A Vintage Philadelphia Wedding
♥ A Free-Spirited Ball of a Wedding (and part two here …oh and part three here!) – aaaaamazing. Dying over her dress.

Photography Credit: Samm Blake (click for more)

♥ Song Lyric Wall Art / D.I.Y. Project
♥ A handcrafted wedding in the Marin Headlands
Ombré inspired styled shoot
♥ Invest in your business by investing in designcouldn’t agree more!
Sexy shoot at home
♥ Snow in Summerwow I LOVE this editorial so much! I wanna do a snow queen shoot now please…

Photography Credit: Elisa J Mercurio

♥ 15 Handmade Wedding Prints to Love!
♥ Taxidermy Goes Glambest. ever.
♥ A Bear and Bee Wedding
Aaaamazing organic wedding
♥ 5 Tips for Better Self Portraits – thanks for the great tips Elsie…although my bank balance doesn’t really love you right now because I might be about to buy another lens!
♥ Katie Shillingford’s goth/glam Gareth Pugh wedding dress is incredible but her pink hair is seriously bad ass

Photography Credit: Amy Gwatkin

Oooh lookie, another video from Alice & Graham’s Brighton wedding.This is the 8mm cine film video filmed by the fabulous Andy at Cine 8. So cute!


  1. As far as I can see some of those Kate Moss shots are part of a fashion spread and some are real wedding pictures… but not all of them. I do love the back-lit bridal party picture in the woods, gorgeous!

  2. Thanks for the link Kat 🙂 I love those images of Kate Moss! The second is definitely a reason to not worry about having too many in the bridal party – it looks amazing! And yay to the Snow Queen shoot! Do it! 😀

  3. I was hoping some of those Kate Moss pics were for an editorial, because they are just too staged. But I love the pic with her bridal party, she looks so natural and happy! And thank you for the Ombre shoot link; I am DREAMING of a wedding cake like that!

  4. Yip the first and last shot are part of a fashion spread. Brides has a mixture of real wedding shots and a shoot done for Vogue.

  5. Harrie the Harpist

    hi Kat, thanks for the Organisation link from Nubby – I am a Virgo too but seem to have been last in the queue when the organised thing was being handed out. My house is a mess so will be great to put some of her tips into action 🙂

    also thanks muchly for the nudge on the Kate Moss wedding!!


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